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The Sex Guys, the dynamic three-piece garage punk band that rocked audiences with their debut single We Are Not Your Friends, are set to set the music scene ablaze once again with their latest release, Out Of My Head. This electrifying single is out now!

Following the success of their debut, The Sex Guys are poised to captivate audiences once again with Out Of My Head. Known for their high-energy performances and raw garage punk sound, the band is set to carve a unique space for themselves in the contemporary music landscape.

“At first glance, ‘Out Of My Head’ seems carefree, with a touch of manic energy. The aim was to make it playful and danceable without diving too deep. Yet, beneath the surface, it explores various themes: relationships, career, self-doubt, and mental well-being, making it as broad as the listener’s interpretation. It’s an invitation to find personal answers or insights on issues that matter. Dance along while addressing your inner thoughts.” – The Sex Guys.

Adding to the excitement, The Sex Guys are thrilled to announce their upcoming performance at The Best Night Ever at Miami Marketta on December 30, 2023, performing alongside Dune Rats, The Smith Street Band, WAAX, Bad//Dreems, Pist Idiots, Press Club and more! TICKETS HERE!

The single promises a fast-paced sonic journey that encapsulates the band’s signature garage punk style. With infectious beats and an undeniable groove, Out Of My Head invites listeners to lose themselves in the music while contemplating the complexities of life.


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