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TWO TIMES SHY Release Explosive Punk Debut EP ‘It Looks Better Than It Sounds’

By March 9, 2023September 18th, 2023No Comments

Brisbane/Meanjin emo kings Two Times Shy deliver an emotional masterpiece with their debut EP ‘It Looks Better Than It Sounds’, pulling at your heartstrings from March 10.

The punk-rock/ emo outfit have moved mountains since their debut single Lonely in August last year. Their first music video has surpassed 35,000 streams on YouTube, and with a strong follow-through, the emo revivalists have released two more singles, You And I and most recently Tearing Up Inside.

Composed of childhood mates Douglas Hudswell (vocals/guitar) and Cameron Nerney (drums), Two Times Shy have broken down their guard to explore the love and loss of relationships. Now fully fitted with bassist Jaden Wales and lead guitarist Adam (Wes) SnyderTwo Times Shy begin their discography with their polished EP, ‘It Looks Better Than It Sounds’. The band speak on the the reason behind the title and what the EP is about: “We titled our EP ‘It Looks Better Than It Sounds’ because each track on the EP describes moments throughout the journey of love and relationships. Each song ties in to showcase a story of love, loss, relationships and it all appears beautiful on the outside, but behind closed doors, there’s much more going on.”

Opening the EP with their top track Lonely, high-energy pop-punk riffs and soaring lead guitar lines deliver an indisputable opening statement of morose momentum. Lonely explores the fear of abandonment and losing a love that you once cherished so much.

The second track You And I was their sophomore single, exploring a failing relationship and coming to terms with its final days. It explores feelings of the guilt, doom and despair that engulfs you, trying to piece back together your relationship, if not yourself.

Two Times Shy bring their explosive lead single Tearing Up Inside for their third track–portraying the tormenting emotions of heartbreak. Some things are unfixable, Tearing Up Inside explores the inescapable feelings of a finished relationship and coming to terms with yourself.

The penultimate track I’m Ready This Time is the hidden gem of this EP–this emo love song is reminiscent of one’s high school years. Opening with sparkly acoustic guitar, Hudswell‘s vocals cut through with heartfelt energy. The narrative of this song explores an undeniable spark shared by two people at the right place, but at the wrong time. This pop-punk ballad projects the fears of new love and breaking down your barriers.

‘It Looks Better Than It Sounds’ closes with a melancholic acoustic version of Tearing Up Inside. Rerecorded with acoustic guitars and a laid-back pace, this track draws the emotion out of each word, satisfying even the elder emos.

Two times Shy have had great support for their lead single Tearing Up Inside with a first play from Triple J UnearthedTOPS and plays on Triple J (LunchHome & Hosed and Short.Fast.Loud), idobi Radio (US), and playlisting on Apple Music’sNew Music Daily,The New Rock and New In Punk.

The support doesn’t end there though, having also seen coverage from HEAVY MagHysteria, Scenestr, AAA BackstageAus Music Scene and Amnplify, as well as US blog SENSEI, Two Times Shy have come out the gates swinging since debut.

‘It Looks Better Than It Sounds’ is out now

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