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Finding peace in the shade, out of the way of the scorching sun, WA’s Whiskey Jack (Jack Dacheff) surrenders his inner turmoil to a friend and the red earth in a serene and hearty alt-country single One Track Mind.

Evoking connection and reflection with his warming Australiana meets Americana style and contemporary country folk, this humble singer-songwriter achieved notable milestones throughout 2023. Most significantly, Whiskey Jack released his debut EP ‘Haystacks’, performed at Nannup Music Festival and toured the north and south regions of Western Australia.

Now with One Track Mind, Whiskey Jack mellows a hard day with the setting sun, all while painting a picture in the mind of packed bags at the bus station, coastlines, open roads and rolling waves.

Tranquil and sincere, the track is made up of dusty acoustic guitars, breezy electric guitar refrains and waves of pedal steel, all gracefully topped off by the deep, warm, whiskeyed tones of Jack Dacheff. Joining Dacheff on the track is Jack Hill brushing the snare, producer Dylan Ollivierre (The Money War) on bass and electric guitar, Jy-Perry Banks on pedal steel and the gentle backing vocals from Carmen Ollivierre (The Money War).

Drawing inspiration from winding trails and untamed vistas, transforming the every day into poignant lyrical metaphor, Whiskey Jack’s storytelling and poetry are at the core of his songwriting. For ‘One Track Mind’Whiskey Jack is vulnerable, confiding in a friend about moving through anxiety and self-worth. On this unbottling of internal struggles, he states:

“‘One Track Mind’ is a window into the psyche, navigating through social anxiety without a road map as it depicts the struggle of an over active inner critic and the fear of being misunderstood.”

Laying it down in the hopes to leave it behind, Whiskey Jack releases ‘One Track Mind’ on Friday, March 15.

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