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Unapologetically introspective and built on the DIY ethos of all things punk, White Bronco is the solo project of Brisbane-based singer, songwriter and producer Chris Antolak.

Growing up as the child of immigrant parents from Peru and Poland in 1990s suburban Australia made it easy to feel like an outsider. After eventually receiving a cassette featuring Nirvana, The Offspring and Soundgarden from his cousin; music provided a sense of escape and allowed him to explore his identity while questioning the greater world around him.

The name White Bronco speaks to Antolak‘s self-questioning nature, challenging the idea of whether he is the enemy or not. Exploring themes of alienation, identity and self-doubt, it’s a constant question ringing in the ears of his material like a veteran rocker’s tinnitus.

With the debut single Endless Bummer showcasing a unique take on a sound that draws comparisons to bands like WAVVES, FIDLAR and Jeff Rosenstock, the track spews unfiltered perspective over blaring guitars and caveman-slamming drums.

Promising multiple upcoming releases throughout 2023 from Antolak, it’s safe to say that White Bronco is officially on the run.

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