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Adelaide emo alt-rock five-piece Wolf & Chain release nostalgic new single and video Not Giving Up. The band will tour the new song across the East Coast supporting Tapestry at AM//PM Emo Nights, starting tonight in Sydney – TICKETS HERE!

Pulling from sounds found in the 2000s with My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco and 30 Seconds To Mars, the track ebbs and flows through chugging bass lines, infectious melodies and a soaring chorus that begs for a sing-along. Not Giving Up is produced and engineered by Josh Meyer of Sunflex Sound (Those We Dream, The Faim) and mastered by Steve Smart at Studio 301 (King Stingray, Ocean Alley, Vance Joy).

The single toys with the classic ‘Werewolf’ trope as a metaphor, contrasting the hopeless, dark version of a person with light and clarity. “It can often feel like you have two sides,” explains the band. “Where you have moments of being really down and hopeless, feeling like an entirely different person, not happy with who you are. But, at the same time, you come out of it and you are not that person and you have these moments of clarity that urge you to push through and survive. “

The song serves as a reminder that as dark as it can get there is a light on the other side. One can either succumb to the dark or refuse to give up and see the night through to a new day. The accompanying music video visualises this, paying homage to a cult favourite, Donnie Darko, showing a looming wolf figure leading the protagonist through the dark to the bright lights of the band.

Bringing their unique brand of aggressive pop rock and chaotic anthems to the forefront of the alternative scene, Wolf & Chain have been expanding their dedicated following since the release of debut EP ‘An Honest Mistake’ in 2020.

2021 saw the release of dramatic follow up EP ‘Amor Mortal’, a six-track storybook collection of dark fairytales, using fantastical elements to reflect the human experience of being consumed by love, distributed through UNIFIED Music Group’s Community Music. This was championed with singles Taste of Blood and An Unfortunate Tale of Two Lovers and An Insatiable Taste for Poison. These further lured in fans with an interconnected music video series set in a grim world of warring vampire gangs and damaged love, with Taste of Blood featured as Rolling Stone Australia’s Music Video of the Week.

Since this the band has progressed nationwide touring with Terra, Alera, Headwreck and AM//PM. Wolf & Chain has also supported Black Veil Brides (USA), Creeper (UK), Short Stack and Between You & Me. In 2023 the band conquered demons and survived hauntings, releasing their single Phantom, which made an appearance on Channel 7’s Friday Night Football (AFL) coverage.


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