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South Asian-Australian artist and actress Ayesha Madon today returns to her music roots with new single Eulogy, a remark of the fast rising star’s honest internal monologue.

Ebullient on the surface, Eulogy is a deeply intentional release for Ayesha, as dynamic and playful as it is earnest and existential. Eulogy triggers the clearest view of her creative ambition and motivations, set to a steady garage beat that morphs through strings and stripped back piano sections. Humanising perceived world glory from the inside, Ayesha asks listeners to remember her  faults just as we should celebrate her mainstream success.

Written in her grandma’s garage, Ayesha reveals, “I was thinking about what I would actually tell people about myself if I had the guts to be honest? Why are we as a society so obsessed with the portrayal of unrealistically epic and perfect versions of ourselves and others? Especially when it’s so far from the messiness of the human experience. It’s about the gross disparity between our carefully crafted images and the sometimes ugly reality of being human. Cringe Pinterest quote energy but I think there’s way more beauty in the imperfection and pain of reality then in the erasure of it. So the song is about embracing all the BTS footage and dirty laundry that for some reason we never dare to air. Warts n all.”

Performance in all its forms has always been intrinsic in Ayesha’s life, from adolescence – learning drums and piano – through to her breakout in Netflix’s recent Heartbreak High, which reached #5 in Netflix‘s top TV shows globally. For the rising creative, music and songwriting remained at the forefront of her creative output as she strives for humility and grit in all aspects of her craft. Pushing past the character that’s brought her worldwide recognition, Ayesha – like her red carpet presence – strives to stay grounded in all aspects of her craft.

A deep consideration for authentic storytelling and humility in perhaps the most synthetic music genre, is how Madon continues to captivate in whatever medium she harnesses. Praised across media already for her “refreshingly candid” approach, her ability to consistently keep it real backed with a desire to build an honest legacy is how Ayesha Madon’s incumbent trajectory grows evermore resonant.


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