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From lighting up the stage at Laneway Festival Sydney alongside the likes of Faye Webster and Angie McMahon to peaking at #1 in 4ZZZ’s most played songs, Meanjin garage quintet Worm Girlz have truly started 2024 with a bang.

With a string of raucously fierce releases already under their belt, Worm Girlz now reveal a more tender side to the band with new single, Not My Body – a confessional search for self-love amidst battles with body image and the journey to feeling comfortable in your own skin.

“Not My Body is an emotional outburst induced by the impossible standards placed on body image,” explains vocalist Lauren. “It encapsulates the personal experiences of Worm Girlz and the sensation of experiencing both body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria.”

Recorded and mixed by Lucas Montgomery – who also produced the band’s previous singles – Not My Body is a slow-burner that has quickly won the hearts of the band’s live audiences, connecting with a community united in overcoming the same struggles. Through Worm Girlz’ hard-hitting lyricism and dedication to advocating for minority groups, the band have already cultivated a tight-knit group of fans, despite being only three singles in.

“Live, Not My Body has grown into a crowd favourite so we dedicate this song to everyone, especially our beautiful queer community, who have ever felt like their body isn’t theirs,” says Lauren.

Having just announced a ‘Cozy House Party’ launch for Not My Body on June 8th, Worm Girlz will also play alongside Platonic Sex on July 13 as part of West End Girls Winter Edition. For the full worm experience – why not do both?

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