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After announcing their arrival with debut single, Dirt in 2023 and more recently lighting up the stage at Laneway Festival alongside the likes of Faye Webster and Angie McMahon, Brisbane/Meanjin garage quintet, Worm Girlz, return with new single, Cool Girl.

Cool Girl finds the band at a breaking point, taking a bold stance against toxic culture and pointing the finger at those who turn a blind eye to the questionable actions of their friends. Within the scathing walls of the song lies not a vulnerable plea for change, but an adamant urge to speak up and hold people accountable for their behaviour.

“We wrote Cool Girl as a call to action to hold your mates responsible and call them out when you witness inappropriate behaviour,” explains vocalist Lauren Rowe. “Again and again we’ve had to sit and listen while people we know attempt to justify the manipulative, discriminatory, or even abusive acts of their shitty friends and there’s not much more we can take, so we channelled our upset and frustrations into writing this song.”

Recorded and mixed by Lucas Montgomery, Cool Girl is ferocious in its delivery, with commanding bass rhythms and a call-to-arms style chorus that captures the band’s utter frustration. “Don’t let them get away with it” they collectively implore, creating a mantra that demands to be sung out loud. “We urge listeners to raise the bar by being better bystanders and speaking up in abusive situations or else the consequences can be deadly,” says Lauren.

Having made an immediate impact on the live circuit, Worm Girlz have not only hustled homemade worm merch but firmly established their stage presence alongside acts like Teen Jesus and The Jean Teasers, Seaside and more. With the release of Cool Girl, the band definitively stamp their identity on the scene, fostering an inclusive environment for their rapidly building fanbase. 

With a growingly infectious catalogue and a commitment to delivering important messages, Worm Girlz are emerging not just as a musical force but as a catalyst for a vibrant and meaningful community.

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