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Industrial Pop artist ZZADE has released her eagerly anticipated debut single Hollywood Endings via Starving Kids. Hailing from Meanjin, Brisbane, ZZADE is no stranger to the music world previously lead singer and bassist of alternative punk band The Blockades. With 10,000 plays on their single Ease, Triple J airplay and a notorious reputation of playing high energy politically driven shows, including the School Climate Strike march of 5000+ people, The Blockades were the most popular underage rock band when active. ZZADE took a break from the band in 2020 to focus on experimenting and creating a new sound. 

ZZADE is now more ready than ever to introduce her matured and hard-hitting sound to a wider audience. With energetic live shows and a live band, ZZADE’s latest shows are not to be missed. 

ZZADE’s first single Hollywood Ending defies the genre of pop, combining signature fuzzy bass lines with high tempo industrial drum sounds and dynamic synths. Her distinct, compelling vocal style and cutthroat lyricism bring this anti-scumbag anthem to life. With lines like “I hope you get your Hollywood ending” and “I never trust a man with a secret like yours”, the song is guaranteed to resonate with those who draw from similar experiences of deceit.

“Hollywood Ending was a long time in the making. Birthed from years of repressed angst and a few lingering melodies, it’s super special to finally see it all come together and be released out into the world. My wish is for you to scream, dance and cry to it, whatever you have to do to get your inner angst out, hopefully I’ll be right by your side.” – ZZADE 

ZZADE has shared the inspiration behind her debut track. “Hollywood Ending came to life from two things – a therapy session and a bad dream. Out of the feelings of “life is unfair” and “life sucks” blah-blah, I remember telling my therapist that I wished life could be like a Hollywood movie – where the good guys always win in the end. I remember saying the words “Hollywood Ending” and thinking to myself that it sounded like a great line for a song. That night I had a dream…more nightmare…about a boy I used to (unfortunately) be involved with. I woke up confused but inspired to pick up my bass and write a song about how I hoped he got his “Hollywood Ending”. The brain is a funny thing and although that dream was a shitty reminder of that person, I couldn’t be more proud to release this song.

With influences ranging all the way from pop queen Charlie XCX to 90s industrial acts like Nine Inch NailsHollywood Ending is the perfect potion of 90s angst and pop-inspired melodies. Empowered and hopeful, listeners are left in a world where everyone gets their deserved Hollywood Ending.  

Hollywood Endings is out now. Listen HERE.


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