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Bringing 90s Australian Alt-Rock sounds kicking and screaming in to 2022, Sunshine Coast power trio Von Hazeler, having establishing themselves as revivalists of that epic era, have announced the next phase in their sonic journey with the catchy punk-grunge track, Trouble.

Von Hazeler, featuring brothers James and Jon Haseler, and drummer/vocalist Cale Fisher, announced their arrival at the end of 2020 with their massive-sounding first release, Oh No (which tied together pop and grunge into a wall of catchy goodness).

Enter half-way into 2022 and Von Hazeler return with a whole new bag of tracks, starting with the super-infectious Trouble, which has a heavy ‘Tu-Plang’ era Regurgitator-meets-Jebediah sound. It’s bouncy, and fun AF.

Known for crafting songs with overall themes about life not going your way, speaking on Trouble, vocalist/guitarist James ‘Jimmy’ Haseler explains it all started over an encounter with the law over smoking a bit of the devil’s lettuce in public.

“It’s more of a backlash against the police. I wasn’t out to cause any trouble, but trouble came looking for me!” he said.

“I was just peacefully minding my own business when I got sprung by the cops, and then found myself being intimidated for no reason. Honestly it was a shitty experience to go through, but at the same time kinda cool. Hey, at least I got a good song out of it!”

The run-in with the law spawned a tightly-packed, punchy post-punk blast just under the three and a half minute mark, which squeezes in a quick guitar solo for measure. Von Hazeler have always been about reliving the days of 90s loose alt-rock performances as seen on the legendary Recovery program, and Trouble would have fit nicely, splashing that bowl of coco pops back in to your face.

If Von Hazeler represent the underdog, and the trials and tribulations common folk go through, we’re sure as hell stoked it sounds as fun as this.

Trouble is out now!

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