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Kicking off 2024 with a heart touching slow burn, Abbey Lane has released her 5th single, Constellations. Reminiscent of a 2000’s rom-com soundtrack, Abbey Lane has created a poignant journey with this latest song as she explores themes of love, longing and goodbyes.

The song introduces us further into the world of Abbey Lane, emphasising more live band elements, whilst maintaining her classic soaring melodies and airy synths. This ‘right person, wrong time’ track draws on 2000’s sonic influences of Snow Patrol and Band of Horses, featuring touchstones of the current Australian indie scene of Middle Kids and Spacey Jane.

As her first release of 2024, Constellations pulls on the heartstrings of listeners, blending together both heartbreaking lyrics with hopeful undertones, as Abbey Lane explains the song “is all about having to let go of someone that you’re still in love with. It’s the bittersweet feeling of holding onto beautiful memories you’ve experienced together, while simultaneously having to say goodbye”. 

This fresh release comes after a mammoth 2023 year, with Abbey Lane playing some noteworthy shows including her first NSW tour, the Women’s FIFA Grand Final, Sydney’s SXSW and Liverpool’s NYE Festival. With more anticipated singles and EPs in the works, Abbey Lane is consolidating her place as a powerful force in the Australian indie-pop scene.

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