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AYLA takes fans on a visually stirring journey with the release of the music video for her latest single, Should’ve Been Fine. This deeply introspective track, a heartfelt exploration of love and life’s uncertainties, finds a hauntingly evocative visual counterpart in the new music video.

Collaborating with filmmaker and friend Jayke during a period marked by personal upheaval, AYLA found inspiration amidst the ruins of her own life, quite literally. AYLA recounts, “We broke into my burnt-down house at night to start filming. Yep, my house burnt down, so destruction was a bit of a theme in my life at the time of making this track.” Turning adversity into art, AYLA and Jayke navigated the charred remains, creating a visual narrative that mirrors the emotional depth of the song.

The music video captures AYLA wandering through the remnants of her home, once a symbol of the relationship explored in Should’ve Been Fine. Soot-covered floors, once walked together, now tell a story of love and loss amidst the aftermath of destruction.

“Should’ve Been Fine is a vulnerable song for me. The chorus lyric feels very exposed, basically saying ‘if the world ends, will it be worth the hell of us not being together?'” AYLA explains. “Visually, I wanted to represent this by being surrounded with destruction.”

“Sometimes, you just have to make the most out of a bad situation, so Jayke and I laughed and said ‘wouldn’t it be a great representation of the song to film in there’ – and we did. We filmed late into the night, with me wandering through the house that had been home to this relationship, including the stairs where we had walked into the house together for the first time; now covered in soot and stinking of fire” AYLA said.

Known for her distinctive style and seamless blending of sophistication, darkness, and vivacity in her music, AYLA‘s music video mirrors the same boldness and vulnerability that define her craft. The captivating sonic landscape of the song is brought to life through visual storytelling that resonates with the audience.

Just off the back of supporting Sahara Beck on her ‘All Attention On Your Emotions’ Tour for three shows, AYLA will additionally be opening for Little Green, adding another layer of excitement to an already eventful season for the artist.


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