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Eora/Sydney-based indie-pop artist Big Vacation has unveiled his mesmerising debut single Anchor Point – produced/mixed by the artist himself and mastered by Matt Curtin (FlumeODESZAGolden Features).

Anchor Point unfurls with ethereal guitars, embracing warm samples and the velvety vocals of Big Vacation. The groove enhances the flowing atmosphere before cascading into the chorus, adorned with airy melodic lines and lush harmonies, evoking both expansiveness and intimacy.

Big Vacation on the inspiration behind Anchor Point: “Anchor Point centres around the subject of feeling lost in the vast world we live in and acknowledging the fact that this is normal – we’re not the only ones who feel this way. Moving through your own city, or moving to another part of the world, we can feel adrift and need that anchor point back to keep it all in place.”

Accompanying the release is the resplendent visualiser created by the artist himself, adorned with gentle, pixelated filters that cascade over close-up glimpses of the artist. Alongside this, wide-angle perspectives sweep across landscapes of flourishing greenery, undulating water, sturdy concrete, celestial skies and billowing clouds. The radiant colour palette enriches the videos, creating an inviting and surreal atmosphere, while seamless transitions between scenes craft a visually vibrant and spell-binding narrative.

Well-known for his previous project as artist Billy Fox, Big Vacation is the moniker of Chris Baker, whose past work has been widely embraced by Spotifytriple jtriple j Unearthed, The Line of Best Fit (UK), Rolling Stone, Tone Deaf, Life Without Andy, Pilerats, MILKY, Acid Stag and Music Feeds. He has also performed alongside the likes of Lime Cordiale, Little Green and his music video for Let’s Be Honest won the ‘Best Colour’ Award at the CLIPPED Music Video Festival as part of VIVID Sydney.


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