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Acclaimed Ipswich darkwave artist, DAMIEN plunges into the depths of anxiety and triumphantly stands tall on the other side with his latest single, Joy (In My Own Time). A powerful declaration of self-affirmation, Joy (In My Own Time) draws on the artist’s own search for hope and strength during times of deep fear and insecurity.

The track, which boasts an array of beautifully layered harmonies and soul moving bass lines, gets released this March in partnership with Redcliffe social enterprise, Tribe Clubhouse, who are presently raising funds to buy a community van that can be used to collect isolated and fringe dwelling individuals and physically transport them to a place of connection and belonging.

“Joy (In My Own Time) is specifically about the experience of feeling isolated and on the fringe” DAMIEN says; “In my experience, people who struggle to connect with others are often battling inner and outer demons, which often see them left behind by the greater society. And these are the people, people like me, that Tribe Clubhouse wants to create space for, and to give opportunity to find belonging and joy, in their own time.” 

DAMIEN had great success in 2022 with his second album, ‘Wrong Age. Wrong Race. Wrong Gender.’ which was a 4ZZZ album of the week and featured the single, 2 Out Of 10 which was voted 68th on 4ZZZ Hot 100 countdown for 2022, and has followed that up with popular releases, Nowhere and Empty which are the first two singles from the artist’s forthcoming third extended release, ‘Candidate For The Abyss’. 

Joy (In My Own Time) will be available for streaming from March 31st, but is presently being used in conjunction with Tribe Clubhouse during the month of March as part of their fundraising appeal.

Find out more about Tribe Clubhouse HERE


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