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After the stellar release of her last track Bad Actress only months ago, Dansy hits us once again with another mind bending and attention grabbing track with her latest release Dead set to release TODAY – November 11th.

Taking us further down into her alt-pop world, Dansy is leaning into her sound more than she ever has before, leading us carefully and methodically into her inner world. Dead is solidifying the sound that we can come to expect from Dansy, and her highly anticipated upcoming EP, set to release early 2024.

Known for her unwavering honesty, and clever lyricism, Dead is another expertly weaved tale of toxicity and freedom. Unsuspectingly thrilling, and with the ever effortless rhyme scheme and metaphor we have come to love from Dansy, Deadis a slow burn exploration of narcissistic relationships. Using the metaphor of wanting to be Dead, an extension of the expression being “dead” to someone, she shows the vulnerability and pain that comes with being trapped in unhealthy relationships, yet presents the ultimate power that someone in that position has – to break contact, become “dead”, and set yourself free. Like all we have come to expect from Dansy, she is vulnerable and raw yet simultaneously empowering. Dansy unabashedly shows that her weakness is her strength, and brings us all on the journey.

Staying just true enough to standard pop from, but wavering recklessly into theatrical cinematic territory, Dead is a world within itself, and brings everyone into Dansy‘s inner world. Falling in line with some of Dansy’s biggest influences such as Panic At the Disco, and other artists known for their artful storytelling such as David Bowie, Queen, and The Beatles with huge choral sections, slow starts growing into wailing guitar, minimalist moments that escalate into overwhelming density and back again, all weaved together with Dansy’s nonchalant lilting melodies – Dansy makes new the theatrical dynamics of mainstream music of days gone past. Dansy’s ability to do all of this yet still condense it down into a 3min pop-song form is what makes Dansy’s writing so unique. Dead is a world within itself.  In a landscape saturated with hooks and catchy drops designed for short consumption, Dead demands to be heard and felt, for at least 2 and a half minutes.

With this epic upcoming release is Dansy’s debut headline gig – the Dead Single Launch – on November 24th at The Catfish in Fitzroy, supported by Thorne and Vann Amos – TICKETS HERE

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