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Tudor Club, the dynamic four-piece rock band hailing from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, is set to captivate the world with their exhilarating music. Their latest single, Bluelight, is out TODAY (November 10th), with the release of the band’s highly anticipated EP next week on November 17th, 2023.

Tudor Club, comprised of Rory Say (Vocals, Guitar), Oscar Thompson (Lead Guitar), Tyler Turfboer (Bass), and James Dryden (Drums, Backing Vocals), boasts a sound deeply rooted in alternative rock. Their music is characterized by punchy riffs, foot-stomping rhythms, and irresistible hooks, setting them apart as a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary rock scene.

With the stage as their canvas, Tudor Club paints a vibrant sonic tapestry that resonates with fans across the globe. Their music is defined by driving guitar riffs, electrifying drums, and soaring vocals that grab listeners by the soul.

Tudor Club‘s new single, Bluelight, promises to be a masterpiece of musical expression. Produced by Jon Grace (known for his work with Dear Seattle and TOWNS) and mastered by Sammuel Sproull, the song combines somber lyrics with scorching guitars and powerful drums. Bluelight takes listeners on a journey through tender, heartfelt verses to anthemic, singalong choruses, creating an energetic and unforgettable musical experience.

Bluelight explores themes of disconnect and detachment within a close friendship affected by mental health struggles, and the yearning for a better future for that person. Rory Say, Tudor Club‘s vocalist and guitarist, shared his inspiration behind the song, saying, “Bluelight was a song I wrote about a good friend of mine. Everyone goes through tough periods in their life, and the friendships you have play such a big part in helping you get through. It’s incredibly hard to see the people you love hurting inside when all you want is for them to get better. This was my way of channeling that sadness for them but reminding myself that things will always become easier and better with time.”

Bluelight IS OUT NOW
‘Crossfire’ EP will be released on 17th November

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