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After the short stop in bright pop with her last single Love Lonely, Dansy is ready to bring us back home to the sound and attitude we have come to love from her, with her latest alt-pop hit Bad Actress, out now. Guitar laden, unapologetic, and undeniably groovy, this latest record is the epitome of the Dansy sound – cheeky with seductive undertones, and explosive energy.

Following in the tradition of Filipino-Australians such as Montaigne and Vetta Borne, Dansy is ready to conquer her share of the musical landscape, with her eyes set squarely on the alt-pop scene. Being a cultural amalgamation herself, Dansy knows no other way to exist except to blend the best of every world into something uniquely special, while still honouring their roots. Her music is no exception. Being an impressionable child of the 90s and 2000s, Dansy’s sound is the inevitable end of a journey through the 90s to now. Her songs are teaming with influences from 90s RnB & Hip Hop, and 2000s bubblegum pop. That, paired with a severe emo phase in the early 2010s, we come to Bad Actress. Dense lyrics, crazy rhyme scheme, layered distorted guitar, and a groove that makes you want to both shake your ass and bang your head – Dansy is set to be every rock fan’s favourite pop artist, and every pop fan’s favourite rock artist. Making no effort to hide her Australian accent in her music, Dansy has recontextualized and brazenly revolutionised this alt-pop sound, taking her home base with her.

Thick, queer, and happy to be here, Dansy is ready to fill the unapologetically curvy shaped hole in the Australian alt-pop scene. Being a strong woman of colour, with a body type not often fronted in heavy genres, Dansy gives so much space to those who see themselves in her. Her ability to love and accept herself permeates her music, as well as any crowd she performs to. Known as being unworldly in her optimism, incomparable in her energy, and charmingly unhinged to her loyal following, her tracks are saturated with excitement. Going from minimal lows that drop into immediate explosions, Bad Actress is a rollercoaster ride that barely allows you space to breathe from the twists and turns, but after which you immediately want to get on again. Exhilarating and cathartic, Bad Actress is a space to jump, groove, and let loose. Calling on sounds from genre blending greats such as Gwen Stefani and Olivia Rodrigo, and reminiscent of the era of The Veronicas, Rogue Traders, and Jet, Dansy reminds us of the sound we fell in love with, but in a completely new and reimagined way.

With her EP on the horizon for early 2024, Bad Actress is the first in a series of new music from Dansy, each track more phenomenal than the last. Be sure to check out this epic new single Bad Actress, and get on board the thrilling ride that is Dansy, before it leaves without you.

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