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Canberra’s progressive metal quintet Taliesin are gearing up to release their latest album, ‘Disciple’ on October 6, 2023.

Taliesin’s previous release, ‘Faceless’, was voted ‘Best Australian Metal Album of 2022’ on Sentinel Daily. Disciple picks up where ‘Faceless’ left off in exploring the darker aspects of humanity, but the band says that ‘Disciple’ is heavier and more progressive than its predecessor.

Disciple is pretty dark lyrically, and heavier than previous Taliesin releases. Musically it is also a little more adventurous, with the band adding new elements to their existing core sound.” says the band about the album.

Taliesin has delved into new musical territory with Disciple, showcasing the band’s growth, whilst still maintaining the key elements of their signature songwriting style.

You can expect catchy songs that carry you through the exploration of themes such as war, cults, relationship,s and self-preservation whilst experiencing big riffs and soaring vocal harmonies.

The album’s first single C.O.T.E will be available on all streaming platforms on September 15th, giving you a taste of what’s to come.

For fans of Dream Theater, Fates Warning, and Symphony X, Taliesin’s ‘Disciple’ is not to be overlooked.



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