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Eora/Sydney-based alternative-pop artist Darcy Lane has released her captivating debut EP ‘Heartquakes’ – a four-track narrative circling around themes of trepidation and uncertainties.

Crafted by an array of producers such as Alex McIntyre (Lola Scott) and Oscar Sharah (Mel Blue, Abby Bella May), ‘Heartquakes’ offers a vulnerable look behind the lens of Darcy’s artistic perceptions, expressed through her mesmerising vocal performances and exquisitely superficial soundscapes.

“Heartquakes is a compilation of songs that I wrote at a time when I was more uncertain and apprehensive about ever releasing music,” explains Darcy. “I would write quietly in my room or record voice memos under my breath. I used to write all the titles of the songs I was working on, on sticky notes and stick them on my sloped bedroom wall. Out of all the tracks that I wrote quietly in my bedroom, these were the ones that stuck. Each song has a little piece of me in it, and is nostalgic of a certain time or feeling. They are all about navigating feelings surrounding first loves, rejection, complacency, boredom, and insecurities. The title Heartquakes is from the first single ‘Spines’, I always loved the idea of an earthquake-level heartbeat being overwhelming and all-encompassing, which is how I felt writing each of these tracks. They took up every inch of my thoughts and articulate exactly how I was feeling in those particular moments.”

Opening track Bad Together begins with pulsing arpeggiated synths and elegantly measured melodies, progressing towards a lucid hook, laden with polyphony and spectral underlayers that set the bar for Darcy’s adept enactments. The second track and recent single Bored explores the lavish complexity and depth of refutation with lustrous skill. The sentiment is wreathed by the effervescent production, encapsulating the emotions parallel to the harmonies.

Harmless changes the tone but keeps a sense of familiarity, continuing the synth-ridden chronicles and venturing into an upbeat rhythmical terrain. Resounding snares puncture the chorus as walls of electronics accompany Darcy’s graceful vocals. The EP finishes with Spines in a full circle finale, guided by nimble niceties and glittering opulence, providing a vivid final cadence for an enthralling and absorbing body of music riddled with dynamism and resonance.

Singles from ‘Heartquakes’ have seen rampant support from the likes of Apple Music, triple j, triple j Unearthed, FBi Radio, 2SER, Phoenix FM, Three D Radio, 3RRR, Southern FM, Gove FM and RTR FM. They have also received online praise from The AU Review, Backseat Mafia, AAA Backstage, Good Call Live, Australian Music Scene and Futuremag Music.


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