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With her whirlwind of wit and whimsy, Naarm-based indie-pop artist Douzey (pronounced Doo-Zee), gears up for the release of her EP ‘Discard’. Bursting with quirky anecdotes and tongue-in-cheek lyricism, ‘Discard’ promises to be a vibrant exploration of life’s absurdities and frustrations.

Following the release of her debut single Ophelia and subsequent EP, Douzey encountered a significant roadblock in her music career due to health issues, including the onset of fibromyalgia. Despite this setback, she persevered through rehabilitation to reclaim her passion for music and performance.

Now, with a renewed sense of creativity and purpose, Douzey is releasing ‘Discard’, a three-track EP that moves from groovy funk to playful pop to upbeat rock.

“‘Discard’ is a collection of diss tracks that reflect my abundant ability to write when I’m mad,” 
explains Douzey. “Each song is a playful jab at the annoyances and absurdities of everyday life, from dealing with crappy housemates and landlords to poking fun at my younger self.”

The EP kicks off with Peachy pointing the spotlight inward as Douzey humorously reflects on her younger self with self-deprecating wit. Boasting a ton of suave that track features funky bass and grooving drums as Douzey lays down tongue-twisting lines with a cool and calm demeanor.

Toxic Rain follows as an anthemic pop bop that is an ode to navigating the challenges of shared living spaces and the ever-increasing cost of living. A light-hearted track that could easily be in a musical, it opens with piano and Douzey‘s comical lyricism, before dropping into an upbeat chorus that slays all of those dodgy, selfish landlords. Ending on the following chant, “Give me my bond back”, Toxic Rain makes it a perfect track to play on those inspection days or when needing to move out.

Closing out the EP is the infectious Pavement, a spirited takedown of the corporate world and its superficialities. The EP’s lead single serves as a scathing rebuke to the corporate world and its pretensions, offering a playful yet pointed critique of bad dates with corporate types. With its infectious energy and sassy attitude has a punk-rock feel with that indie-pop accessibility.

Catch Douzey live at The Gasometer Upstairs in Collingwood, Melbourne, on Thursday, April 24, for the official EP launch event.


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