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Western Australia’s beloved Alt-Country/ Indie Folk-Rock outfit The Little Lord Street Band recently announced their eagerly awaited sophomore album ‘Time And Place’ will be released on April 22. Ahead of the album release, they are serving up their laid-back, country-blues title track which is a sobering reflection of years past.

Alongside the single and album, 2024 marks 10 years of The Little Lord Street Band. In that time, they’ve accomplished a lot and naturally have seen their own lives change. As an album that has been years in the making, it is rich in melody and nostalgia as it encapsulates the full-loving, light-hearted essence of The Little Lord Street Band and their past experiences while signaling another 10 more fantastic years.

Fittingly, the title track serves as a poignant reflection on life’s journey, encapsulating the band’s signature introspective lyricism and rich alt-country musicality. Penned during an APRA songwriting session with acclaimed collaborators Matt Busby (Busby Marou) and Jimmy Davis, the track captures the essence of longing for purpose amidst the backdrop of suburban life.

Natasha Shanks’ emotive vocals intertwine seamlessly with twanging moody guitar riffs and soulful slide, enveloping listeners in a laid-back, quintessential country-blues atmosphere. The song’s authentic country-style instrumentation and evocative storytelling evoke a sense of nostalgia, wanderlust and peace of mind.

“Time And Place is a love song about wanting to get back on the road to find purpose amidst life in the suburbs,” says Natasha Shanks“It’s about longing for something that’s out of reach, yet finding solace in the memories and experiences that shape who we are.”

Ranging from lively road-tripping country rock to pensive porch stories, the 11-track album offers up a poignant exploration of life’s highs and lows.

“‘Time And Place’ is a ‘looking back’ album,” explains Jimmy Rogers“It’s about when you get to that point in your life and you look back on what’s happened or what’s been going on. It’s that sort of longing for something that you can’t have back. It’s quite glass half empty, but at the same time, it’s about enjoying your memories.


‘Time And Place’ will be released on Monday April 22 – PRE-ORDERPRE-SAVE HERE

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