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DOWNGIRL, the fiery four-piece femme-punk band hailing from Gadigal Land, is set to unleash their highly anticipated debut EP, ‘Manic’, on September 22. Pre-orders for the EP have officially started alongside the release of the single Boys and its accompanying music video.

With their no-holds-barred approach to punk and an unapologetically powerful sound, DOWNGIRL have a unique ability to inject powerful social commentary into their music. Their debut EP ‘Manic’, will be no exception. The 8-track EP featuring previously released singles 2006 and title track Manic, is the result of the band channelling their rage and navigating their mental health. Each track on the EP captures the savage energy and brutal punk sound that they’ve become known for since the release of their debut single in 2022.

Describing the EP, Lou Harbidge states, “The title, Manic, was lifted from our single of the same name. We chose it as it encapsulates our state of being when the band was in its infancy. This EP is a diary, charting our progress from our beginnings in the bedroom when we were physically separated to now, being in each other’s bloody pockets!”

The lead single, Boys, presents a straightforward critique of the enduring history of violence perpetrated by cisgender men. DOWNGIRL’s lighthearted approach in mocking these harmful attitudes is juxtaposed with the empowering music video that shines a spotlight on the LGBTQIA+ community. The video celebrates the strength and resilience of individuals who refuse to be diminished by oppressive constructs.

Boys showcases the band’s fierce punk edge with ominous basslines, rolling drums, and overdriven off-beat guitar stabs. Frontwoman Alexandra Neville’s powerful, growling vocals and screams deliver biting lyrics that put a spotlight on controversial societal norms. A menacing pre-chorus with the band sinisterly chanting “boys fighting boys fighting boys” then explodes into a wall of blood-bubbling punk. Kristen Adams rips out a cutting guitar solo before the slow-burning bridge that has Neville repeating the brutal, “he stands on god”, then adding, “wiping his boots on his face”. For the final round, she belts out a haunting scream with a volatile chorus to close the track.

Directed by Marguerite Lorraine Walsh, with Dan Knott as director of photography, the Boys music video creates a powerful contrast to its thematic content serving as an empowering celebration of authenticity and resilience. Shot in a warehouse, it depicts a series of men in a stereotypical “manly” fashion – standing tall and looking strong, sporting singlets and sweatpants. Ominous shots of the band crowded around by the group of men, are followed by their hands grasping at their hair and faces. The menacing tone highlighting the systemic toxic masculinity is then contrasted as the clip slowly reveals the men with their own individualistic traits as they break free from oppressive societal constructs.

This ruthless single and clip offer up another impressive entry from DOWNGIRL ahead of the EP, and it can be caught being played live as the band have a slew of dates lined up between now and October in SydneyNewcastleMelbourneCanberra, the Hunter Valley and more.

DOWNGIRL’s debut EP ‘Manic’ will be released on September 22 – PRE-ORDERE HERE


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