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Australia’s beloved punk / rock ratbags Dune Rats release their fourth studio album ‘Real Rare Whale’ today. Featuring the hit singles UP, What A Memorable Night and Melted Into Two, their new album represents a new phase for the group and is their most ambitious and cohesive collection of work to date.

Released two years on from 2020’s ARIA #1 ‘Hurry Up And Wait’, Dune Rats’ new album may see the band at a new punk-saturated, pun-filled peak, but when it comes to its composition and underlying intentions, ‘Real Rare Whale’ captures Danny Beus (guitar / vocals), BC Michaels (drums / vocals) and Brett Jansch (bass) in a reinvigorated, refocused creative zone.

The melodies are strong, rhythms relentless; the way the group worked together over sessions under the production eye of Scott Horscroft on New South Wales’ south coast resulted in, as BC describes, ‘a bit more of a sophisticated album’. This doesn’t mean Dune Rats have lost their edge or have grown soft with age: they’re very much still about keeping that same energy fans have loved about them since Dune Rats first dropped back in 2014. It’s just manifested in new and different ways.

“We’re pretty honest dudes with each other,” Danny says. “We’ve grown up, but we’re pretty fortunate that we haven’t grown apart. We’re now twelve years in, but I feel like we’re writing better tunes and finding that we’re getting to the core of who we all are, even though we’re still changing.”

“They still have the same energy, but they don’t lean on gimmicks as much.” BC says. “I don’t think there’s one swear word on this entire album (note: not true!), or any direct drug references, but it definitely still feels really fun. I didn’t even realise that until the album was written. I guess that’s part of growing older as well, it doesn’t mean it has to get boring, but it doesn’t mean it has to be cheap, either.”

Also released today is the video for Pamela Aniston, an ode to Pam and Jen who the band confess to having a crush on in their teenage years. Dunies took to the streets of Sydney for some market research and wanted to get opinions on the song from whomever was in reach.

Visual artist Lee McConnell returns with incredible art for ‘Real Rare Whale’. On working with the band for album #4 Lee said: “One night Danny told a story of ‘Old Tom’ a famous Orca from the area who was around in the early 1900’s who was famous for his co-operation with the local fisherman. With ‘Old Tom’ being a rare whale during his time and the album born in Eden it seemed fitting to call the album Real Rare Whale. A title which was so fun to run with. Another character was born into the ever expanding world of Dune Rats.”

With over 150 million global stream, two consecutive #1 ARIA Albums including the aforementioned ‘Hurry Up And Wait’ and 2017’s ‘The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit’, not to mention the hunger for the live Dune Rats experience leading the band to sell out theatres across the country in 2020, it’s undeniable that hype for Dune Rats hasn’t slowed. If anything, it’s become reinforced.

To celebrate the ‘Real Rare Whale’ release, Dune Rats announced a string of special and intimate shows at a combination of out-of-the-box venues including a Melbourne warehouse, a Brisbane bowlo, an Adelaide arts factory and their very own pub in Sydney. Dunies will play the new album start to finish and ice the cake with a few of the hits from albums past. They have also announced a special guest to join them for each show with Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers in Melbourne, DZ Deathrays DJ in Sydney and Brisbane and TOWNS in Adelaide. The Brisbane launch is now sold out and limited tickets remain for the other dates.

Alongside the launch shows, fans in Melbourne can catch up with the band on Friday 29th July at Soundmerch in Collingwood between 4pm to 6pm. The all ages event is an opportunity to get up close and personal with Dunies and grab a signed copy of ‘Real Rare Whale’ on release day. In Brisbane, fans can head to Rocking Horse Records from midday on Sunday 31st July where Dune Rats will perform an acoustic set, meet the band and grab a signed copy of the new album. And in Adelaide on Thursday 4th August starting at 4pm Dune Rats will also perform an acoustic set at Clarity Records, fans of all ages will have the opportunity to meet the band and grab a signed copy of ‘Real Rare Whale’.

“Real Rare Whale is hands down the fastest, funnest and most insane album we’ve ever recorded,” the Dunies said on recording the album. “It’s an album that expresses the love of music and writing songs. Songs that will be epic to play live to thousands of sweaty bodies having a great time.”


Album Signing | Soundmerch – Collingwood (4-6pm) AA
Album Launch Show | The Industrique – Coburg North (8pm-late) 18+ – TIX

Album Launch Show | Dune Rats Hotel (White Horse Hotel), St Peters (2-4:30pm) AA - TIX
Album Launch Show | Dune Rats Hotel (White Horse Hotel), St Peters (5-8pm) 18+ – TIX
Album Launch Show | Dune Rats Hotel (White Horse Hotel), St Peters (8pm-late) 18+ - TIX

Album Signing | Rocking Horse Records, Brisbane City (12-2pm) AA
Album Launch Show | ‘Dunies Rock n Bowls’ @ Coorparoo Bowls Club (afternoon session)

Album Signing + Acoustic Performance | Clarity Records, Adelaide (4-6pm) AA
Album Launch Show | Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide (8pm-late) 18+ - TIX


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