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Meanjin/Brisbane electronic artist and uplift-extraordinaire Du0 gifts us with the greatest surprise of all – his debut EP ‘LIFT,’ out today.

It’s been an impactful four years since the Meanjin artist’s first release, amassing over 5 million streams across ten releases, and the momentum is sure to continue with his latest offering – a five-track glimpse into a truly beautiful, warm and uplifting electronic project. Teaming up with the likes of vocal powerhouses Emily Coulston and mou across the body of work, we’re toured through the ebbs and flows of life, sonically transported through light and dark, landing on a feeling of complete and utter gratitude.

“This is my first EP and after exploring a bunch of different electronic styles and tracks in the past, I was keen to put together a cohesive group of songs that would stand alone as its own body. As a whole I wanted the EP to sonically be an uplifting experience (hence the name ‘LIFT’) but wanted to continue to explore a range of themes lyrically from darkness to light to reflect the ups and downs of life.” – Du0

Lulling us safely into the EP, and oozing with tasteful fragility, is opening track Overflow. Pairing Emily Couston’s lush vocals with his delicately written lyrics, Du0 casts a safety net below us as we freefall into our memories of feeling deeply and hopelessly in love ‘You hold my hand, I lose lifetimes in those eyes. It fills me up inside, and every little part of me overflows.’ From the very opening crackles of the track, you have no other choice – you simply feel at home.

Released as a single in 2020, amidst the madness of the global panic, Come Home was the call to comfort that the collective needed. Its healing piano and synth layers, floaty lullaby vocals from Coulston, and carefully crafted drumline ushers us to warmth and safety – a necessary release for a tense and tumultuous world. In January 2021, to celebrate its millionth stream, Du0 released a stripped back, acoustic version of Come Home with Coulston, highlighting the powerful musicianship of both the producer and vocalist.

Paying well-deserved homage, Du0 makes his mark on The Offspring classic Gone Away. Making classic stylistic choices, and adding groove and moody sax, the atmospheric production evokes new and welcomed emotions and earns its own respect, receiving nods from many directions.

mou comes to the forefront in the fourth track of the EP, Barely Breathing. This track offers more push and pull compared to the others on the body of work, with carefully crafted builds and drops featuring throughout. This production feels fuller, but Du0 has mastered the balance between power and fragility, fulls and empties, with mou’s stunning vocal pulling it all together.

Calling strongly on folk elements, such as Weissenborn guitar, warm strings and crisp percussion, Du0 closes out the EP with Lost For A Little While. The final track feels very Bon Iver, with the production making space for the breathy, reflective vocals, telling a story of being woozy in love. Triple J Unearthed’s Declan Byrne summarises it well: “feeling light headed and in love when this is on. the dizzying heights are so good!

The release lands before Du0’s debut festival performance at Waghorn to West, in his hometown of Ipswich, and after his debut headline show ‘This Is Home,’ selling out weeks in advance.

Dreamy and goosebump-inducing, it’s hard to believe ‘LIFT’ is only the debut EP from the artist, but we’re absolutely content with resting in the comfort, warmth and beautiful fragility of Du0’s world, just the way it is, for a little while longer.

Du0’s debut EP ‘LIFT’ is out today – LISTEN HERE

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