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PREMIERE: CITADEL Return With Anthemic + Cathartic New Single ‘Parasyte’

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Having made a name for themselves with previous release Sundered Souls, Brisbane progressive-metal supergroup Citadel have returned with an anthem for the sad and frustrated. Taking the emotional weight of a family member’s death, coinciding with the end of a relationship  guitarist Nathaniel Patterson penned Parasyte to act as a purgative track, blending the intensity and frustration he felt alongside the sadness.

Speaking about the track, he’s revealed how he was forced to “start over” whilst still coming to terms with the upheaval and uncertainty that he was facing.

“Parasyte was written at a very dark time in my life, following the end of an engagement and the death of a close family member as well, and is one of the only songs we have where I also wrote the lyrics. Parasyte tackles the complex and harrowing feelings I felt directly after my fiancé and I broke it off. I had moved back to my parent’s house to kind of “start over”, and was enduring feelings ranging from deep sadness to burning frustration and anger at how things had turned out.” Nathaniel Patterson (Citadel, Guitarist)

Written and recorded with esteemed producer Gareth Hargreaves (Polaris, Young Lions, The Brave), the quartet blend djent, post-metal and hard rock influences, with a proclivity for work of composers Nobu Uematsu (Final Fantasy OST) and Jack Wall (Mass Effect OST). Guitarist Liam Kelly said that Working alongside Gareth was fantastic, particularly on Parasyte where there is such a heavy emphasis on the piano parts. Having something with the knowledge and skills to turn our rudimentary ideas into something massive (the layered vocals in the chorus being a perfect example) was excellent and we are stoked with the end product.”

With more music in their back-pocket, it is only a matter of time before Citadel becomes a household name across the Australian heavy music landscape. 

‘Parasyte’ will be officially released on Thursday June 30th


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