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Brisbane’s baby Flamingo Blonde enters the hot seat to lock it in with Eddie. A fusion of fierce funk and fiery wit, Eddie is a medley of meaningless takes from the best of the worst people online, serving a falsified love letter to Twitter time-wasters, soundtracked by low-fi fuzz and punchy bass lines.

Scrolling into a stream of consciousness, Flamingo Blonde gets real about Eddie, “I was imitating rubbish rambles from the modern online gronk over a bass line. Poor financial takes from crypto bros, Joe Rogan wannabes with no self-awareness, I pretty much scrolled the worst hashtags on Twitter and wrote out some stream of consciousness.

I was trying to re-write something that felt bold enough to make a statement to the mockery. I wrote the Eddie McGuire part as a joke, because I often reply to emails from my management by saying “Lock it in, Eddie” and then I copy and paste the entire Wikipedia page entry for Eddie McGuire.

Arriving off the back of triple threat singles Picture Me Gone, Hotel Gloria and On Your Side, Eddie is a fresh taste of new Flamingo Blonde material being served up this year.

Flamingo Blonde is the project of James Bartlett, supported by the best band this side of the brown snake, The Brunettes. In only a short time, the Flamingo Blonde live show has become synonymous with the spirit of Brisbane: warm and untamed. An unpredictable experience that has to be seen up close, Flamingo Blonde has supported the likes of Last Dinosaurs, Hope D, Jaguar Jonze and Beddy Rays. On top of that, they’ve proven that their sunny sounds can pull a major crowd, selling out hometown Brisbane shows at The Zoo and The Brightside.

Eddie is available today wherever you consume great music.



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