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Having previously captured hearts as part of triple J’s Unearthed High competition with singles Next To Me and Famous, Newcastle songwriter, Grace Aberhart today returns with a statement in Letterbox.

Within a heart-wrenching soundscape, Grace articulately guides Letterbox through a whirlwind of emotions, acknowledging the mental strength needed to cut yourself off from something that is causing you pain.

“‘Letterbox’ is a decision and a realisation that letting go and moving on is what you need and knowing that you’ll be fine. It’s about going through the motions of heartbreak and how those feelings will fluctuate from day to day, wrestling with yourself to be stronger than you feel.” explains Grace. “I wanted the chorus to represent when you are at your weakest and make the music match that. The lyrics still paint a picture, with imagery of putting yourself in a physical place that was once warm and inviting, but is now painful and numbing.”

Produced by Healey Olsen, Letterbox touches on the idea of emotional struggle, whilst presenting glimmers of hope that with enough resilience, everything is going to be just fine. Equal parts vulnerable, cathartic and anthemic, Letterbox firmly showcases Grace’s new direction as both an intelligent songwriter and a brilliant musician.

The music video, which is also out today, was shot both at Grace’s home in Newcastle and the surrounding streets, playing on nostalgic images as a reflection of the past. Letterbox truly comes to life under the direction of Ella Paterson and Nikola Jokanovic, setting Grace up for an exciting year in the lead up to more new music and her debut EP.


With thanks to Fright Night Music

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