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Hold on to your hats, folks, because Wicked Things are about to unleash a sonic storm upon the world of rock n roll! These four brothers from Sydney’s Northern Beaches are on a mission to revive the classic sound of Van HalenGuns ‘n’ Roses, and Motley Crue with their own millennial twist, and they are doing it with style.

Wicked Things have sold out venues all over Australia, released 8 singles and completed a 5 month tour of Europe playing at The Running Of The Bulls, San Vino Wine Fight and London’s Stoked In The Park festivals, a heap of local shows throughout Italy and Sicily plus a 3 week residency at Oktoberfest in Munich – all since forming in 2018!

After winning a recent AHA (Australian Hotel Association) Rockin’ The Suburbs band comp, the band went on to open for the legendary Screaming Jets where they caught the attention of X-Music who have just released the bands latest single, Good Time (Not Here For A Long Time…Just A).

Good Time is the kind of stadium anthem that will get you singing along from the first listen and have you thinking that you’ve known it for years.  Wicked Things infectious energy and passion for fun shine through in every note, and you can’t help but feel swept up in their wild ride.

The band say of the track that “it’s all in the name of fun and enjoying what you do.”

Listen to Good Time HERE

On joining X-MusicWicked Things comment “We met Tim, the big dog, of XMusic after winning the AHA band comp. We chatted music and plans and everything sounded bang on with what we were after plus he used to play in bands himself so it’s nice to have someone looking after you who knows what it’s like to play the circuit. Super keen to see where we can take as a team and it’s feeling great! Wicked Things x XMusic?! Sounds good to us!”

X-Music’s Tim McLean adds “After seeing Wicked Things win the AHA band comp, I saw the passion and drive they had for the Rock N Roll Music scene and the music is set to blow you away! It great to see young talent take the Rock N Roll scene by the balls and kick it into top gear! As they say “Not Here For a Long Time…just a GOOD TIME” and lot’s of them!”

Good Time is just the beginning. With a new EP in the works produced by Sean Carey, original guitarist for Thirsty Merc, the band are set to take the rock n roll world by storm. So get ready to party like there’s no tomorrow, because Wicked Things are here to show us all how to have a good time!



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