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Fresh off a series of blistering showcases at BIGSOUND, Sydney/Gadigal Country indie-garage quintet, Good Pash are back in the saddle with new single Money City – an ode to an increasingly normal world of skyrocketing rent and neighbourhood turnover.

Combining equal doses of brutal, folk-inspired storytelling and chaotic guitar rhythms, the band’s first single of 2023 carries an unapologetic saloon door swagger that puts their hometown under the microscope and points the finger at questionable people in power.

“Money City is a  critique of the neoliberal society we live in today. It’s a great feeling to vent our frustrations about the not so good side of capitalism and gentrification,” explains vocalist Maddy. “Ultimately it pays homage to where we all live. A kind of tongue in cheek call out to all the people who’ve ever told anyone to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get over it.”

Produced alongside Richard Belkner with assistance from bassist Jules, Money City is rough around all the right edges, encompassing unfiltered lyricism and a harmonica-infused twang that is destined to become an anthem for the underdog.

With a passion for a good yarn, Good Pash’s spirited live show has seen them play alongside US garage icons, Bass Drum Of Death and locals like Press Club and Old Mervs, captivating waves of new fans with their searing and infectious humour.

“I think what inspires us the most is interesting stories. Whether that be from our lives, somewhere else, or entirely made up. Our songs always tend to have throughlines and take-aways,” says Maddy.

Good Pash officially launch Money City at The Lady Hampshire in Sydney on Friday October 20.

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