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Today, Western Sydney’s Zion Garcia announces his debut EP, ‘ZION GARCIA: (THEATRICAL VERSION)’ – out Friday, 13 October – and unveils the project’s second single, HANDHOLDER.

Arriving on the heels of the EP’s voltaic lead single, MUNCH, HANDHOLDER sees the self-produced rapper reveal a new dimension of his prismatic creative universe. A layered sonic tapestry weaved with samples of soul and jazz, HANDHOLDER brims of infectious nostalgia – whilst remaining imbued with Garcia’s signature future-facing production sensibilities. Atop breezy plucks of guitar shimmering through a warm haze of sultry basslines and summer-tinged percussion, Garcia delivers an ode to love and romance. Today’s release finds Garcia at his most confident, as he showcases his vocal versatility and penmanship across cruising melodies and inimitable rap flow – both cocooned in stacks of crisp harmonies.

Speaking to HANDHOLDER, Zion notes: “Of over 140 demos I made for this EP, I knew HANDHOLDER was gonna be a single. I was really proud of the beat when I made it back in 2021 – and usually, when I have this burning desire to show my friends what I’m working on, that’s a good gut signal to drop it. This song highlights a more intimate side of me and my relationships, and its themes on love and self-esteem are ones I’m excited to expand on further in the music to come. Melodically, I’ve just never been this confident on a song too. I want HANDHOLDER to showcase more of the world of Zion Garcia: beyond being a rapper, and giving me space to let the production shine. It sits in a different space to a song like MUNCH, and I’m super proud to let this one go. Feels like something I would’ve frothed as a kid. If something has that quality, it’s something I feel is undeniable; and that’s the thing I need in all my shit.”

HANDHOLDER marks Zion Garcia’s third single in 2023, and arrives as the final teaser of his debut EP. Across his recent singles, PRIM PROPER FREESTYLE and MUNCH, Zion Garcia has cemented himself as one of Australia’s most exciting and impactful voices, garnering accolades across VICE, The Music, Purple Sneakers and more. His forthcoming project heralds a new chapter in the self-produced rapper and filmmaker’s continued meteoric rise – following a live cypher performance on triple j’s Hip Hop Show, being named an Independent Artist of the Week by FBi Radio, and being crowned a 2023 Acclaim All-Star. Ziplining from high-octane, club-ready moments to introspective reflections on identity and success, Zion Garcia’s debut EP serves as his magnum opus – an arrival of an artist fuelled by the power of his community, and poised to soar to new heights.




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