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20-year-old Perth-based singer and producer Jarrod Jeremiah is releasing his latest single Hold My Hand ahead of his upcoming debut EP. 

In an ode to his childhood, Jeremiah describes his fondest moments and the freedom that being a child carries – free of judgement and worries. 

The track makes an unforgiving warm gospel atmosphere with a West Aussie-filled team; background vocals from his sister JORDANE and production by the WAM Award Winner Calvin Bennet crafting from inspirations such as Samm Henshaw, Tom Misch, and Anderson Paak.

Speaking about the track, Jeremiah says, “I always thought I needed to write love songs or make up intricate stories… when the real story was right in front me – my life. This track sets the scene for my upcoming ep, a look back on my life and childhood and excitement for my future”.

Jeremiah’s EP ‘IM-MATURE’ is set to release on November 3rd but for now, dig into his latest release, blast it like the summer anthem, spread the word like the gospel, and relive your childhood nostalgia for just 2 minutes and 41 seconds.

Listen to Hold My Hand HERE

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