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“Crack my head open, I got my bain boken,” Luke Seymoup wails on Having A Bad Time, Having A Ball, the first single featuring his new project, La Famiglia… but what is his “bain” and why is it “boken?”

Melbourne’s most prolific man in Punk, Luke Seymoup, has deviated from his usual combination of Indie-Punk and PowerPop to embrace his early love of 1980s Hardcore Punk. Channeling the breakneck tempos and blazing guitars of those classic acts, La Famiglia tear through a blistering 100 seconds of red-hot hardcore, unlocking an entirely new quality in Seymoup’s voice. In this new environment, the diminutive paesan with the huge voice transforms into the Australian lovechild of Dag Nasty’s Dave Smalley and FEAR’s Lee Ving.

“La Famiglia is a chance for me to unleash a lot of things I want to say that just don’t fit in the context of the Seymoup band…even if they’re grammatically incorrect,” Seymoup says. “Punk is a genre with a lot of self-imposed rules, I’m taking this band as an opportunity to completely break free of that. If I want to load a hardcore song with Queen references and made-up words, I’m just going to do it.”

Having A Bad Time, Having A Ball is the first taste of La Famiglia’s full-length album due out late-2023.

PS – it means “brain broken”.

Connect with Luke Seymoup // La Famiglia

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