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After a successful debut into the scene last year with two singles, a Queensland Music Award, and numerous support slots for the likes of Mia Wray, Dulcie, and Clea, Lottie McLeod kicks off the new year with her seasoned and honest track Never Gonna See You Again and accompanying music video.  

With poignant lyrics, and a developed sound, Lottie McLeod’s growth and maturity are shining through in this track, showcasing a profound evolution in her artistic expression. Noting inspiration from Holly Humberstone, Lottie McLeod shares how Humberstone’s new album ‘Paint My Bedroom Black’ quickly became a favourite for her, particularly the album track Lauren. “I think this song is perfect and I wanted Never Gonna See Again to give that kind of energy” says McLeod.

McLeod penned the track about an experience one of her friends went through. “We had planned a trip with our boyfriends to go see The Killers in Melbourne only to have her boyfriend break up with her 3 weeks before leaving.” After watching her friend go through this awful experience, Lottie decided to write this song from her friend’s perspective, what she imagined it must have felt like to be left with no closure and a lifetime of unkept plans and promises. To be left with no warning signs, and only having a stuffed animal he gave you to remember him.

McLeod typically has a clear vision for the direction of the music. However, when beginning her usual recording process with a demo recorded with a friend, Lottie found herself unsure of the song’s direction and decided to discard the demo. 

Stating “I had so many ideas but needed some support in pulling them together. I decided to scrap the demo and go into the studio with Tom Eggert with a fresh brain and also see where Tom went with it.”  Tom Eggert (Sloan Peterson, Busby Marou, Cub Sport), who recorded Lottie’s debut single Happy Birthday, worked perfectly with Lottie in taking the song from a low tempo, acoustic, heartbreak track, to what it is now. 

“I love some of the production elements such as the reverse guitars and the breakdown… It just gave the song the edge I was looking for.” Lottie McLeod

Accompanying the release of the track is a music video directed by Shivani Sharma. The story centers around Lottie finding out her alien boyfriend has left her to go back to outer space. 

Sharma shares “She reads a postcard on the beach at night, her ‘alien’ ex-boyfriend jetting off to space in a UFO in the night sky. She mourns the loss but is insulted by the sudden departure. Creating an alien character allows for a suspension of disbelief, allowing the audience to see themselves and their previous lovers as these characters”.

Never Gonna See You Again serves as a testament to Lottie‘s artistic voyage, confirming her adeptness in capturing intricate emotions and her presence in songwriting.

Lottie McLeod will be performing in Brisbane as part of Mountain Goat Valley Crawl – a free entry festival of 40 acts across 8 venues, on February 10th – DETAILS HERE.


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