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Taking centre stage with three ensnaring female vocalists, Menajerie is a Meanjin/ Brisbane-based neo-soul outfit, who are announcing their debut EP ‘Selective Deafness’ (out September 29). Dripping with heated charm and a clawing passion, they are teasing the EP with the slow-burning lead single Holding Pattern (out now).

The heart and soul of Menajerie is embodied in its three captivating frontwomen. Primed with their spellbinding abilities, they are led by the compelling Gracie Mack on keys and vocals, powerhouse vocalist Rosa Mack, and the fiery Mel Galletly. Oozing sass, the three weave together their silky melodies and poignant lyrics as they get wrapped up in irresistible sultry grooves.

Having awed audiences on stage/s at Jungle Love FestivalFortitude Valley Fiesta, and supporting Sex On Toast, plus so much more, Menajerie have already achieved a lot. With their previous singles, Stuck and Time, they have left audiences craving more, and now, they are ready to unveil their debut EP ‘Selective Deafness’.

The 8-track debut EP ultimately allows the band to expose their musical odyssey made up of laid-back and sophisticated soul, coloured by alluring rhythms and anti-gravity funk. At the heart of it all lies lyrics that gracefully navigate the line between unfiltered, gritty reality and a flirtatiously witty, tongue-in-cheek sensuality.

Gracie Mack eloquently encapsulates the essence of ‘Selective Deafness’ by stating, “This debut EP traverses all aspects of the creative human experience through introspection, humour, and grief and showcases the band’s eclectic musical experiences.”

The upcoming single Holding Pattern dives deeper into the exasperation of being ensnared in a self-made cycle. Harnessing the EP’s title within the lyric “Selective deafness, but now you know,” the track fuses neo-soul and hip-hop harmonies with a magnetic undercurrent of grooves.

The song’s confrontational lead vocals simmer with passion and allure, while its cool and calm demeanour ultimately crescendos into an electrifying harmony layered over a gritty shuffle. Intoxicating and bold, Holding Pattern is a boiling cauldron of emotions, a musical mirror reflecting the complexities of life’s patterns.

Be embraced by the divine tones of Menajerie as they turn up the heat with Holding Pattern ahead of their debut EP ‘Selective Deafness’ (out September 29).



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