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Photo credit: Karen Whielan

High-riding reverb peddlars THE DOUBLE HAPPINESS announce sophomore album and launch show

‘Roadhouse’ releases on September 15th
on LP + CD + digital

Launching at 
Lefty’s Music Hall on October 1st

The Double Happiness always intended to release a thematic surf-guitar triptych: city, surf and western.

‘Roadhouse’ is the band’s third instalment, inspired by the quartet’s love of spaghetti-westerns, Tarantino soundtracks, dogs and David Lynch’s ‘TwinPeaks’. 

The album beckons the listener to take a nostalgic journey, a family road trip, the kind where you’re tuned into AM radio and sliding around on hot vinyl back seats. Along the way, you might find yourself on a lost highway like the ‘Warrego’ or turning into a ‘Drive In’, just out of town. Local references are never far from the quartet’s consciousness with the iconic Yatala UFO Space Service Station of yesteryear featured in the album artwork.

“Citing locations of significance is so important to us,” muses guitarist and vocalist Kristin Fergusson“They seem to really resonate with our audience too. So many songs have been written about far away places, far away in time, so why wouldn’t we create a space where folks can reminisce through the vehicle of song? Memories shared through our music have led to the most heartwarming conversations!”

Artwork by No.7 Print House

For Fans Of: David Lynch, The Surfrajettes, Ennio Morricone, Los Straitjackets, the soundtracks to Tarantino films

The cover art features the now long-gone Space Station at Yatala, evoking memories of road trips from a last era childhood as well as possessing an eerie aesthetic that could place it (un)comfortably in a David Lynch series. It’s the perfect visual representation for ‘Roadhouse’.

The album made its first appearance in August with the lead and only single Smoking Gun, adorned with a foreboding Mariachi brass intro and a Nancy & Lee-esque call-and-response vocal interplay that TDH adore. 

There’s a natural progression from the wild surf guitars of their previous album ‘Surfgazing‘ to tremolo heavy reverberations of spaghetti western sounds that makes for an effortless transition from surfboards to steads. But don’t’ be fooled, the massive guitar hooks, pummelling drum work and fervent vocal exclamations are still most prevalent on the new record too.

Also sneaking into the sonic tapestry of the release is the band’s adoration of the dark brooding sounds of Twin Peaks. Having inspired the songs Red Room, Audrey and the title track. There is something disturbing yet seductive in each, where, like Audrey, one might question where reality ends and insanity begins. 

Pete’s love of dogs takes centre stage in both RaggedyDog and Dingo, back to back on the second side. The TDH dogs, Winston and Henri love to hang with the band at rehearsals. Listen out for Henri’s vocal contribution on Dingo!

Recorded and mixed by vocalist and lead guitarist Pete Fergusson, ‘Roadhouse’ explores a new soundscape and showcases a band that is not only willing to tackle new sounds but who are also not afraid to step inside the roadhouse and stay for the night.

“The Double Happiness have an innate knack for writing a hook that will burrow into your brain,” says John Russell (4000 Records). “Their new album has so many special moments, from Kristin’s wild growl in ‘Smoking Gun’ to Pete’s impossibly tenor rumblings in ‘Red Room’ which I’m adamant will end up with a fan made video featuring Twin Peaks imagery in the near future, to the album riding out with a mesmerising theremin whirlwind. It’s a really special release for us.”

Artwork by No.7 Print House

Long-time collaborator of the band Matt Deasy (No.7 Print House) has outdone himself once again on the design front, having screen printed the LP covers (in three gorgeous colours), as well as designing CDs (also in three colours), shirts, the launch poster and everything in between.

Having laid low for most of 2022 to record their sophomore album ‘Roadhouse’, the launch show will be a jubilant occasion shared with friends Baby Cool and Full Power Happy Hour on October 1st at the very fitting Lefty’s Music Hall.


Thanks to 4000 Records

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