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Melbourne hard hitters, Cicadastone have joined the ever growing list of killer Aussie rock acts on XMusic.

Born from the ashes of the grunge rock greats, Cicadastone naturally move within the 90’s rock confines yet still manage to bring a modern fresh edge, developing their own unique sound while staying truly authentic to the genre, a difficult task in a time when it’s all been done before.

With two albums under their belt, 2016’s debut, ‘Chance Collide’ and 2020’s ‘Cold Chamber’, the band have been making solid in roads within the ultra competitive rock scene.

2024 sees the band take a huge leap forward creatively and make their biggest statement yet with third album ‘Future Echoes’ due for release on May 31.

Leaning on the best of both previous albums, ‘Future Echoes’ pushes the sonic boundaries even further. First single, In The Crossfire is an upbeat modern classic rock song, and the title track ‘Future Echoes’ shows more of the band’s diversity.

About In The Crossfire frontman Mat Robins comments. “In The Crossfire is a song about going against the grain, facing your fears and understanding if you think differently, to be prepared for resistance. We have all wanted to quit at some point, and It’s easier to conform to what is considered normal. But what if normal isn’t good enough? To make change takes courage and to step outside of the box isn’t an easy thing to do. So be different, think different, and don’t get caught out in the crossfire.” 

In The Crossfire is already receiving radio play in the UK on stations in both
Manchester and London!

On joining XMusic, Robins says “On the eve of releasing our third album “Future Echoes”, we couldn’t be more happier than to align with the XMusic team. Tim has always been in our corner and believed in Cicadastone, and now we get to work together on “Future Echoes”. We can’t wait to see this album released out in the world through XMusic!”

XMusic CEO, Tim McLean-Smith adds “I have been following Cicadastone for many years, seen many shows, and fell in love with their true grind and grit of their sound and the new songs are killers! If you love the Seattle sound that was founded by Alice In Chains and then into Stone Temple Pilots, then here is your new crue! Don’t be scared, I know you’ll love it!”

‘Future Echoes’ will be released on May 31.
Pre Orders are available now HERE



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