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Embark on a sonic odyssey with Nathan Kaye’s groundbreaking single, Movement Of Change, as it envelops you in a mesmerising tapestry of sound, urging you to embrace positive change.

With a unique blend of Australian Aboriginal influences and the raw power of didgeridoo beatboxing and middle eastern rhythms within a progressive roots-rock genre, Kaye has pushed the boundaries of roots music creation to new heights and done it as a one-man band. This unprecedented fusion has given birth to a mesmerising bassy didge riff that resonates with the pulse of change that needs to be felt whilst moving your body, as much as heard with the ears.

Kaye’s musical journey has been shaped by the rich cultural traditions that surrounded him growing up half with an Australian Aboriginal stepfather, as well as the Middle Eastern influences growing up half in Jewish culture.

It is no wonder that he emerged in the late 1990s as the world’s first didgeridoo beatboxer, infusing his compositions with an awe-inspiring synergy of traditional sounds and contemporary beats, leading to him being invited to perform at the UK beatbox championships, Glastonbury Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The driving force behind the bassy riff in Movement Of Change is none other than the rhythmic brilliance of the didgeridoo seen through an organic lens of Byron’s electronic dance music scene, serving as a testament to Kaye’s innovative artistry. Beyond showcasing his musical abilities, Movement Of Change carries a profound message of unity and positive transformation.

Kaye boldly challenges listeners to step out of their comfort zones by employing an unconventional time signature of 9/8 in the chorus, a complex rhythm he first heard in Turkey moments before being caught amidst an intense riot in Istanbul, where many protestors were shot dead, leaving an indelible imprint on him both musically and socio-politically.

This audacious choice of odd time signature, seeks to inspire individuals to embrace change, even through initial discomfort, sparking a movement that transcends limitations and propels us toward a brighter future.

Moreover, Movement Of Change is being released as an immersive, 3D spatial audio Dolby Atmos sound experience, where the listener is transported inside of the music itself. In this groundbreaking mix, the vocals completely surround the listener during the chorus, creating and enveloping an intimate, visceral connection with the song.

This level of audio production, typically reserved for the world’s biggest artists, allows every nuance and detail of Nathan Kaye’s performance to be experienced in unprecedented clarity.

As the didgeridoo resonates with deep, earthy vibrations, it traverses through the listener’s body, intertwining with the pulsating rhythm, and delivering a transformative and captivating sensation that transcends the boundaries of traditional music listening. The Dolby Atmos mix of Movement Of Change is a testament to Nathan Kaye’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of sonic artistry and providing his audience with an unparalleled and immersive musical experience.

Movement Of Change stands as a testament to Nathan Kaye‘s unique creativity and boundary-pushing artistry. By combining the ancient sounds of the didgeridoo with cross-cultural beats, he has crafted an anthem that unites listeners across genres and cultures. As Kaye’s infectious energy flows through you and resonates with your soul, get ready to start a transformational journey.

Movement of Change is out now. LISTEN HERE

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