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Known for delivering emo-infused belters stacked with rousing riffs and self-examining lyrics, Meanjin-based punk/ rock outfit Talk Heavy are making their turbocharged return today with brand new single The Song That Plays (When Marissa Shoots Trey), after a first play on triple j’s Short.Fast.Loud last night.

The four-piece emo/punk dynamos made a head-snapping debut in 2022, landing milestone successes at every turn, from their hit single filled EP ‘Jump Into Nothing’, their first ever live performance at BIGSOUND, touring nationally with Press Club and landing on the New World Artists roster.

Now, Talk Heavy are back with their most personal song to date, written about letting go of habits that hold you back as singer Matt Cochran looks towards personal growth, resilience and self-confidence (with a nostalgic yet seemingly unrelated song title referencing 2000s hit TV show The O.C).

“To put it simply, The Song That Plays (When Marissa Shoots Trey) is about recognising the bad space you’re in, what trauma or response pushed you into that position and making the statement of ‘fuck it, I’m done with this and need to move forward,’” Matt explains.

Engineered, produced and mixed by lead singer Matt Cochran at Birthday Boy Studios, with mastering by Will Yip (Title Fight, Tigers Jaw), The Song That Plays embraces the song’s subject with angst-driven instrumentation that still provides a sense of unity and support.

Wearing their love for 2000s teen dramas proudly on their chest, Talk Heavy inadvertently use the song’s title to represent the tight-knit friendship between the band, serving as a glimpse into the bond the group share and the knowledge that Matt is not alone in his journey.

“The title is obviously not related, but we just thought it was funny. Pat has rewatched The OC a bunch of times, but I hadn’t watched it since I was a kid. I was rewatching the show when this song was written and Pat suggested that as a title and we thought it was dumb but great, so it stuck.” Matt says.

A call-back to the 00’s isn’t too far removed from the outfit, who are inspired by North American alternative punk artists, with nostalgic “scene-kid era” pop-punk/ emo at their core.

Bringing the iconic Talk Heavy combination of fun and frenzied rock with emotionally potent messaging, the band continue to advocate for the importance of discussing the difficult topics and getting something heavy off your chest… having an absolute blast in the meantime.

“For me personally, I’ve always struggled with weight and comfort eating. I was so physically exhausted touring with Press Club that I couldn’t ignore it anymore, which pushed me to that point where I realised ‘if I don’t change something soon, I’m going to die in the next 5 to 10 years.’”


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