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Perth-based producer RHY and Melbourne songstress Jewel Owusu join creative forces in their new single, About You, released today.

Born from an unexpected Instagram message, this online connection blossomed into a transcendental musical journey, one that commenced with a drumbeat, a bassline, and a guitar groove—stripped down to the simplest elements. Owusu‘s poignant verses and soul-stirring chorus effortlessly found their place atop these rhythms, intertwining to weave a tapestry of emotions that resonates with anyone who has felt the bittersweet longing reminiscent of missing a summer during winter.

RHY, whose moniker is derived from the first three letters of his name, Rhyan Lyndon-James, has become a rising star in the Perth music scene. With the debut EP ‘DUMB FUNK,’ released to critical acclaim in July 2022, RHY showcased his distinctive blend of sugary indie pop-rock, awash with vibrant synths, funky guitar riffs, and infectious rhythms. Notably, his talent has garnered recognition from esteemed corners of the industry, including being handpicked by The Jungle Giants as a victor of Smirnoff’s Ads for Artists competition, a single release under the prestigious French-Japanese label Kitsuné Musique, and playlist inclusions on Martin Garrix‘s ‘Martin Garrix Radio’ and numerous Spotify playlists.

Jewel Owusu, the Melbourne-based Singer-Songwriter, brings her own impressive accolades to the table. From opening for Vera Blue to gracing the stage at the illustrious Pitch Music Festival, and even securing a partnership with Converse All Star, her vibrant and soulful voice has earned her acclaim from notable platforms such as VICE, triple j, Complex, Pilerats, and Cool Accidents.

Reflecting on the creation of the track RHY shares, “The collaboration actually took place entirely online, beginning with an Instagram message one day. After sending through the original drum, bass, and guitar groove, Jewel laid the verse and chorus. The rest of the song came together pretty fast but then lay dormant on my hard drive for almost a year before it finally felt right to release.”

Owusu adds, “The song is about knowing a relationship has come to an end but still picturing the good times that were spent together and knowing that talking about the relationship with other people is going to bring those feelings back.”

As the release date of About You draws near, the anticipation is palpable. Powered by RHY‘s sonic ingenuity and Jewel Owusu’s soulful resonance, About You emerges as a beacon of authenticity poised to be embraced on repeat.

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