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Polish Club are back for a good time with the release of their new song, you guessed it, Good Time. The duo have also confirmed that the standalone track will feature as the theme for Nine’s NRL coverage of the 2023 NRL and NRLW this season, shown live and free on Channel 9 and 9Now.

After releasing the more rockier cuts from their third album sessions on ‘Now We’re Cookin’ In Hell’ last year, the band immediately got back into the studio to write more music. Before hunkering down for their next full length record, the Sydney two piece sat down with producer and songwriter Robby De Sa to write something different. The goal was to write the catchiest, hookiest song they could.

The group came up with a tongue in cheek laundry list of catchphrases, then set it to a britpop-leaning, four chord groove. “We wanted a short, sharp song, filled with nothing but catchphrases, with each part being its own hook. I think we nailed it.” Clearly it’s a mission accomplished according to singer and guitarist Novak.

The band are not the only ones who think the track is infectious, with the 9 Network picking it up for their coverage of the National Rugby League this season on Channel 9 and 9Now. Good Time will feature on the national broadcaster’s promos, live broadcasts and online content for both the NRL Men and Women seasons. With almost 90 NRL matchups to be televised on Nine, it’s safe to say you’ll be hearing from them. Sometimes a good time ends up lasting a long time.

Good Time is out now via Island Records Australia / Universal Music Australia


With thanks to Island Records Australia

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