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Get ready to dive into the ethereal world of Adelaide-based alt rock sensation, Wolf & Chain, as they take us on a journey through their latest single, Phantom. With a distinctive blend of dark, aggressive pop and chaotic anthems, the band has been making waves in the music scene since their inception in 2020. Following the success of their EPs ‘An Honest Mistake’ and ‘Amor Mortal’, Wolf & Chain is back with a spellbinding new single that promises to captivate your senses.

The release of Phantom marks a significant evolution for the band, showcasing their growth and experimentation with a matured and accessible sound. Inspired by a transformative experience during their retreat at a secluded farm, the band members were influenced by a dark, looming presence that left an indelible mark on their songwriting process. The result is a haunting and powerful track that documents their journey of self-discovery and resilience in the face of challenges.

In this exclusive Q&A we delve into the creative process behind Phantom, the band’s collaboration with Josh Meyer of Those Who Dream, and their transition towards a new sonic direction. We sit down with lead singer Jack Cumes to explore the intricacies of the single’s production, the blending of alt rock elements with a fresh pop sensibility, and the captivating story that inspired the track.

Your previous EP’s ‘An Honest Mistake’ and ‘Amor Mortal’ were well-received and now you step into a new Wolf And Chain chapter with Phantom – what growth or changes do you think fans will notice with this latest release?

J: I definitely think that people will notice that the sound has a more eclectic mix of influences. We definitely wanted to explore more of what inspired us personally and musically. I think the track definitely reflects what the band was going through and tells more of a story through its music. 


Collaborating with Josh Meyer of Those Who Dream seems to have played a significant role in the creation of Phantom. How did this collab come about and how did it push the boundaries of your music? 

J: We got together with Josh through our booking agent. We had been fans of Those Who Dream for a while so we were super keen to get in a room and talk ideas. Josh definitely helped us execute the vision for this phase of the band. He was so good at taking an idea or concept of ours we had and being able to expand upon it on the same wavelength as us, so it was heaps of fun to work with someone like that and explore a bunch of ideas. 


The band encountered a dark, looming presence during your time at the secluded farm where Phantom was conceived – Can you elaborate on how this experience shaped the themes and emotions conveyed throughout the single? 

J: We stayed out on a farm to isolate ourselves and knuckle down on what we wanted to do with the band. It was a difficult time for everyone and we were all going through a lot of changes personally. I think we all felt ‘haunted’, by whatever troubles we each individually had. Channeling this into the writing, we found life imitated art and strange occurrences would happen around the farm. Things would go missing, bad omens like ravens and snakes would arrive at the door and towards the end we all got terribly sick. What felt like quite a low point turned into a cathartic experience when we left having endured, survived and escaped with ‘Phantom’. 


During your time at the secluded farm, besides music, what other creative or just plain old fun activities did you find yourselves engaged in to pass the time or inspire your songwriting?

J: During our free time at the farm we watched a bunch of horror movies together (probably didn’t help the vibes in retrospect). The rest of the gang would also play ‘Magic the Gathering’ while I (Jack) doodled in my sketchbook. 


If Phantom were the soundtrack to a movie scene, what type of scene would it be, and which actors do you think would fit perfectly in that scene? 

J: If ‘Phantom’ were the soundtrack to a movie scene it would have to be something from ‘the Blair Witch Project’. I just think it would suit that fight against the descent into madness and succumbing to the dark. It would absolutely have to be the original actors too, that snot is iconic. 


If you had to pick an unconventional instrument to add to your band’s lineup, what would it be and how do you think it would enhance your sound?

J: If we had to add an unconventional instrument to the lineup it would have to be glockenspiel, because, Fun fact: it has appeared on each release so far already in some strange form or another. 


Phantom is set free into the world on August 4th. What do you hope listeners will take away from this single and what can we expect from Wolf And Chain in the near future? Any upcoming projects or tours you can share with us?

J: During the writing process for ‘Phantom’ there were some real difficult times and lows, but the process really taught us to endure and keep our heads above water. I hope that listeners are able to hear this and take some comfort knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. ‘Phantom’ is the very exciting first step into this new world for Wolf X Chain. You can see a lot more to come from us very soon. We have been working on something very big and special in the background so we hope that ‘Phantom’ implores you to join us on this journey.

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