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Today, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Sahara Beck shares her latest single, Hard to Tell, the sixth release from her much-anticipated forthcoming album ‘All Attention On Your Emotions’ — out October 27.

Written in collaboration with Danny Harley from The Kite String Tangle and produced by Kon Kersting (Tones And I, Jungle Giants, Milky Chance, Spacey Jane), the track dives deep into the darkest realms of the psyche, following in the self-reflective footsteps of  Trip, Thinking Twice, Mr Breezy, Like You and Hunter—each track acting as a sonic character from the broad spectrum of human emotions.

In Hard To Tell, we observe Sahara in the thralls of a confronting inner dialogue between the voices of fear and self-doubt and the harsh inner critic who despises all signs of weakness. To represent the contrasting sentiments, Sahara utilises two distinct vocal styles, imbuing the track with emotional layers that mirror the musicality in peaks and troughs. 

Sahara says of the track“I wrote Hard to Tell alongside Dan from The Kite String Tangle in the intense and isolating setting of COVID lockdowns when the whole world seemed to go on a journey of self-reflection. Like many people, I was wrestling with dark and negative thoughts at the time and was inspired to document the fiery inner dialogue I had going on into this track.

With its powerful message and emotionally charged delivery, Hard To Tell is an evocative reminder of the universal struggles many experience in the face of hardship or mental health challenges, providing a voice for those who have encountered the all-consuming noise of self-limiting beliefs and negative rumination.  

Sahara’s forthcoming album, ‘All Attention On Your Emotions’, promises to be a significant milestone in her career, showcasing her growth as a musician, songwriter and storyteller. The album will feature ten tracks, including recent releases Mr Breezy, Like You and Hunter, that delve into the complexities of the human condition. Thematically, the album is inspired by Plutchik’s ‘Wheel of Emotion’, with each song embodying an emotion revealed from beneath the cloak of Sahara’s clever storytelling and colourful sonic artistry.

As a songwriter, Sahara has garnered multiple accolades and international recognition. She was a 2022 finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and the Nashville-based Unsigned Find Comp, and in 2019, she placed 3rd in the prestigious Vanda & Young Songwriting Competition. Furthermore, she has received numerous QLD Music Awards and prestigious honours, including the Carol Lloyd Award in 2020 and the esteemed Grant McLennan Fellowship in 2023.

Renowned for her magnetic stage presence and unparalleled showmanship, Sahara Beck has graced illustrious venues and festivals across the globe, from captivating audiences at Glastonbury Festival and the renowned Queen Elizabeth Hall in London to leaving an indelible mark on events like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Perth FringeworldWoodford Folk FestivalAdelaide FringeBlues Festival Byron BayFalls Music & Arts Festival, and more. Additionally, she has shared the stage with acclaimed artists such as Bishop BriggsThe RubensKim Churchill, Ball Park Music, Ocean Alley, and Paul Kelly.

With the release of ‘All Attention On Your Emotions’ on October 27, Sahara is poised to take her career to the next level and solidify her place as one of Australia’s most exciting and eclectic artists.



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