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Today, critically acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter Sahara Beck has released a surprise tour single, Special, co-written by Jay Bovino, who also produced, mixed, and recorded the emotionally charged track. A fitting follow-up to her 2023 album ‘All Attention On Your Emotions’, the track delves into the universal theme of self-discovery, conveying Sahara’s inner turmoil as she questions the promises made during childhood about being able to achieve anything if one works hard enough.

In a heartfelt reflection on the song’s inspiration, Sahara shares, “I’ve been working hard since I was 14 just to throw every cent back into my music career. When I wrote this song, I felt like all I had to show for it is how much time I’d wasted chasing this dream that I was now realising would probably never happen.” She continues, “I thought maybe if no one ever told me I was special as a child, perhaps I would have been content with anything instead of having such big impossible goals I was always reaching for”. 

Penned during the pandemic, while Special is a heartfelt testament to the challenges faced by individuals in the performing arts industry during COVID-19, its message extends beyond this moment in time, reflecting a harsh reality faced by many who embark on the relentless pursuit of creative passions and dreams. Drawing inspiration from the song Impossible by Nothing But Thieves, Special captures the raw emotions and struggles of an artist on the verge of a dream that is always seemingly just out of reach.

Special Is Out Now – BUY / STREAM HERE

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