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Melbourne duo Sick Visor are back today with their new love letter to having fun, Feeling Alright Forever featuring Adelaide’s most wholesome and loveable duo TOWNS. The track comes as the band’s first single since their debut EP in November 2022, and it goes in for the kiss despite the few months between drinks.

Feeling Alright Forever is a fun slice of indie punk about breaking up with the bad parts of yourself and being okay with feeling alright, forever. “The song is a love letter to the parts of myself I sometimes forget about,” says singer Alex Moses, “I wrote Feeling Alright Forever about mentally cutting the queue, moving past all the things holding you back and realising we deserve to have a good time.”

Bringing to the table a heavy spoonful of their trademark 90s-esque pop punk energy, Adelaide’s TOWNS were heavily involved in every aspect of the track. “They wrote parts, sung vocals and played drums,” said drummer Katie Lovelock, “we worked on every stage of the release with them, including bunching up on the floor and drawing the artwork.”

To cap off the release, Sick Visor will be launching their energetic love letter Feeling Alright Forever in Melbourne at Bad Decisions Bar on June 11.

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