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Legends of the Sydney Alternative scene Sienna Skies return with a poignant and impactful  new track Let It Burn available to stream now on all DSPs worldwide. The track comes in conjunction with newly established label, Passion Eight Records.

Let It Burn, stemmed from the events that happened on the east coast of Australia during the summer of 2019/2020.” says vocalist Thomas Pirozzi.The appalling handling of the situation by our government, it’s like they didn’t care at all. Ignoring all the warnings of catastrophic conditions, the defunding of the State’s Rural Fire Services and National Parks. Whilst the disaster was unfolding our Prime Minister, our apparent “leader”, left the country for a tropical holiday, and it came to light that during this time, our state leader was flushing party money through her lover’s interests. 3 billion animals killed, 400+ people killed and 2,000+ homes lost. It felt like they didn’t care at all, they just sat back and watched our country burn”, he says. 

Since their inception in 2006, the Sydney five-piece have grown with an impassioned spirit, playing stages across four continents, releasing four studio albums, signing international record deals and — perhaps most notably — paving the way for a new generation of Australian bands. Bridging the gap between the underground scene and mainstream music industry, the group saw mass appeal with their breakout, debut album, ‘Truest of Colours’

Quickly outgrowing their local band title, the five piece would go on to tour relentlessly for the better part of a decade following the album’s release. Sharing stages with Underoath, Hawthorne Heights, Pierce The Veil and The Amity AfflictionSienna Skies built their rising musical career on the bedrock of a persistent touring schedule and songwriting that could compete on the world stage. At odds with a changing landscape, the band reformed their lineup, bringing Thomas Pirozzi into the fold as lead vocalist on their acclaimed 2016 album ‘A Darker Shade of Truth’ before continuing to dominate stages across Australia and abroad.

Fans can expect more new music from Sienna Skies this year.

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