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Boorloo/Perth-based indie-rock band Sophian have returned with their latest single Beautiful Day – produced by Dave Parkin at Blackbird Studios (Spacey Jane, Sly Withers, Old Mervs). 

Beautiful Day weaves an uplifting and euphoric tapestry of sound, where infectious melodies blend into a carefree sonic panorama. As the chorus unfolds, it effortlessly evokes a sense of coastal bliss, fusing reggae grooves and swirling guitar riffs. Smooth baselines seamlessly integrate with the entrancing vocals of frontman Sophian Manik, creating a gradually intensifying sonic journey immersed in a lush world of phonetic textures and captivating rhythms.

Frontman Sophian Manik talks about the inspiration behind Beautiful Day: “My wife and I were having a conversation one day around feeling the pressures of society to have life all figured out by a certain age. I saw what it meant it to her and I just wanted to let her know that it’s okay to not have it all figured out yet, life is still beautiful and its okay for us to just enjoy that moment. This song is about feeling free and enjoying life around you for just the way it is.”

In the live scene, the band have shared the stage with luminaries Bootleg RascalCOTERIESouth SummitDICE and Mitch Santiago. They have also previously sold-out their hometown shows at both Old Habits Bar and The Bird.

Previous singles have seen support from triple jtriple j Unearthed2SERPBS FMSYN Media4ZZZRTR FM and Gove FM. In particular, their single Georgia was heavily supported by triple j Unearthed, where it was added to radio rotation, given a First Play on TOPS, featured as Track of the Day, and included on the Unearthed Podcast as one of their Top 5 Songs of the Week. They have also seen support in the blogsphere from the likes of Pilerats, Music Feeds, MILKY, Australian Music Scene and AAA Backstage.


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