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Following a string of infectious releases that have showcased a firm sense of musicianship and friendship, Adelaide/Kaurna-based besties Stormy-Lou create an empowering and emotion-packed soundscape with new single Impulsitivity. 

In a world where perfection is often the norm, Stormy-Lou proudly wear their spelling mistakes on their sleeves, embracing the complexities of living with ADHD and neurodivergence and how having an impulsive nature can often create a series of obstacles just to function.

“I started writing this song when I was feeling like I was stuck in a bit of a rut, on the verge of losing a job that I adored at the time, but which I grew to resent,” explains vocalist Mik.

“I found myself constantly forgetting important things and making mistakes because my body was moving too fast for my brain. Hearing “this isn’t good enough, you can’t keep fucking up like this” pained me because there was never bad intentions behind these mistakes – in fact it was always the opposite.”

Produced by Ben Waltho (The Tullamarines) and mixed by Bugs drummer Brock Weston, Stormy-Lou harbour a safe space for their queer and neurodivergent community, celebrating the beauty of imperfection and reassuring that spontaneity can often lead to creative, oddly relatable outcomes. 

“It just rolled off the tongue when singing it, and I just assumed that was the correct spelling and pronunciation, but after playing it live a few times and a few google search debates later, I was proven wrong. We chose to keep the spelling I’d come up with because it felt comfier, and let’s face it, making up words is kind of fun! I hope Impulsitivity finds a place of relatability in our neurodivergent listeners, and shows that they are nowhere near as alone, or as unworthy, as they’ve been made to feel.”

Stormy-Lou officially launch Impulsitivity at The Grace Emily on Friday October 20 alongside a star studded list of supports including local legends, Oscar The Wild and Naarm songwriter, Nick Keogh.

Fri 20 October – Grace Emily, Adelaide

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