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Known for delivering emo-infused belters stacked with rousing riffs and self-examining lyrics, Meanjin-based alternative rock/emo/punk outfit Talk Heavy have had a busy year-and-a-half since their first release EP in September 2022. They played their debut live shows at Bigsound 2022, toured Australia supporting Press Club, and supported the likes of Taking Back Sunday (USA), Tigers Jaw (USA), Beddy Rays, Sly WithersGyroscopeBodyjar and VOIID, all while releasing an EP and multiple singles throughout the past 18 months.

True to their non-stop approach, Talk Heavy released multiple singles in 2023 and are back again with their first single of 2024 – The Montreal Screwjob.

While their previous two singles for 2023; The Song That Plays (When Marissa Shoots Trey)  and The World Moved On Without Me, were a crushing blend of angst, introspection and existentialism akin to the likes of Modern Baseball, the band’s latest offering The Montreal Screwjob tackles a different approach of retelling the story of one of the 1990’s wrestling worlds most infamous stories and the man himself, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart.

“We’d been sitting on this instrumental song for a time trying to find the right lyrics. When I was talking to our guitarist Pat about it, he suggested to just try writing about something silly or non-personal instead of our usual personal existentialism. We’re both 90’s wrestling nerds so we ended up settling on The Montreal Screwjob. I’ve always wanted to write about wrestling because it’s something I obsessed over as a kid and I was inspired by the way that The Mountain Goats channeled that in their own way for their 2015 album ‘Beat The Champ’. We’re super proud of how it turned out, it’s just a fun dumb song and I can’t wait to play it live.” – Matt Cochran (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Engineered, produced and mixed by lead singer Matt Cochran at Birthday Boy Studios with mastering handled by Will Yip (Title Fight, Tigers Jaw), The Montreal Screwjob is a creative retelling sure to please anyone who loves fun fast pop-punk and/or wrestling lore; sure to hit especially hard if you love both.

Following the release of the single, the band will be touring the East Coast of Australia to support the new release, full tour details further below.


Friday 9 February – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane (w/ Melaleuca & Upsetter)
Friday 16 February – Burdekin Hotel,  Sydney (w/ Great Job! & Hugs)
Saturday 17 February – Dicey Riley’s, Wollongong (supporting Raised As Wolves w/ Jayhawks)
Friday 23 February – The Presynct, Nambour (supporting City Council w/ Robbie Thunder & Electric Prawns 2)


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