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21st century country music is a broad church, yet there are few purists who find comfort in the twang of a telecaster and the cry of a fiddle. Singer-songwriter Tammy Moxon is certainly one. On the songbird’s new album ‘Fighting Chance’ she blends contemporary songwriting with tones steeped in country music tradition.

“I love what Tammy does she writes great, sings great and is not scared to be country,” says Australian songwriting pillar, Allan Caswell. The 11 stories on ‘Fighting Chance’ trace a trail through love and loss, with an unwavering emphasis on hope. Tammy’s honey-dipped voice feels completely at home on every track. The album’s optimism is entirely purposeful, a pushback to the hardships of recent years.

“Fighting Chance is my happy album,” shares Tammy“Most of the songs were written when we were all in shutdown – a way for me to find solace amidst a wave of uncertainty. I needed cheering up, and so I wrote songs of hope.”

Cheerful mandolins, playful guitars, rollicking banjo – these are the sounds that pepper Tammy’s messages of positivity. When crafting this soundscape, she turned to multi-award-winning producer Shane Nicholson“The first email I sent to Shane Nicholson with regards to recording this album was in February, 2020. A lot has happened since then, but this album is, finally, seeing the light of day and I am soooo grateful.”

 From the Celtic sounds of Ready Now and The Valley to the Chet Atkins-esque, Barfly Blues, this album is certainly not without diversity. It’s opener Comfy is the perfect entry point. “Comfy to me is being in a relationship where you don’t feel like you’re walking on eggshells.” The track’s uplifting production certainly doesn’t hold back, setting the tone for a journey into hope.

Tammy pays her dues on tracks like Barfly Blues, What Am I To Do and Cherry Blossom Song, with a sound that would stand up beside Country music’s pioneering legends. Barfly Blues serves as an answer song to a George Jones classic and a nod to her father.

“The very few times Dad does sing (he’s an incredible singer, by the way), his go-to song is ‘Bartender Blues.’ I wanted to write an answer to this song from a barfly’s perspective. I put this to Dad, and we started writing.”

The ditty even features Australian legend, Bill Chambers. “I really wanted to record a duet with Bill Chambers on a song for this album. I asked Bill, he said yes. He wrote his parts, and we recorded the song. It’s a real country, drinking song.”

Ballads like Hope and Saved Me aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. “I wanted to shed some light on the people that saved me from me when I was at my lowest,” admits Tammy of the latter. “The song is, essentially, a thank you to those people. It’s the most honest song I’ve ever written.”

The songwriter’s vocals tangle in blissful harmony on Sapphire Heart and the titular track, Fighting Chance. Through the vehicle of romance, she explores present-day themes. “It wasn’t until 2020 during the shut-down, that I wrote the lyrics. I wrote this song as more of a plea for people to stop turning on each other in a moment of uncertainty. It means a lot more to me than it being just a relationship song. Writing it was therapy for me at that time.”

 The North QLD native is raring to hit the road with live renditions of the album. 2024 will see her appear at Charters Towers Country Music FestivalBirdsville RacesGympie Music Muster and William Creek Outback Fly-In.

Tammy Moxon’s tales of hope and optimism on ‘Fighting Chance’ are a joy to hear. The album’s innovative production carefully blends tried and true tones with something new and unexpected. The music’s cathartic effect on the singer is clear in her voice, with each song possessing the ability to comfort and heal. Tammy has crafted a truly authentic collection of songs, that prove genuine Country music indeed has a fighting chance.


25th August – Gympie Music Muster – Gympie, QLD

5th – 8th September – Birdsville Races – Birdsville, QLD

26th – 29th September – William Creek Outback Fly In – William Creek, SA



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