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Having captured hearts this year with her vulnerable, transcending style of songwriting, Meanjin/Brisbane singer and musician, Tessa Fleur today releases her highly anticipated debut EP, ‘Trial’ alongside its focus track of the same name.

Recorded with Alister Richardson (Clea, Girl and Girl, Nice Biscuit) on a scenic farm in QLD, the musical evolution of ‘Trial’ became synonymous with the evolution of Tessa as both an artist and person, embracing change and taking time to establish her trademark, ethereal blend of folk and pop.

“The recording sessions became less about grinding out music and more of a therapeutic escape from the young adulthood chaos and life living in the city. With so much time between each recording, I was an evolved person each time I started the next song,” Tessa explains of the recording process.

From the serene, golden hour strums of lead single Avalon to the kaleidoscope swirls of Death By Black Hole, Tessa’s debut effort is accentuated by the EP’s title track – a magnetic journey with an upcoming music video that weaves immaculate set designs with haunting, Avant-garde symbolism.

“The experience of recording these songs at the farm was a spiritual and deeply reflective journey that has shaped me as an artist and as a human being. I’m so thankful for meeting Alister and the farm, it’s like a portal to another universe.”

With a defined vision and a self-assured approach to her art, Tessa Fleur‘s growth as an artist is more evident than ever on ‘Trial’ – promising a lasting sense of yearning and a nostalgic impression.

Tessa & her band officially launch the EP at The Junk Bar in Meanjin/Brisbane on Sunday November 5 with support from friends Thursday Maybe and Pushing Daisies.

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